Megan Fox Mom-Shamed Again For ‘Encouraging Her Sons To ‘Be Like Girls’ With Long Hair

Commenters are freaking out on Instagram because Megan Fox lets her sons have long hair. Seriously? Check out these ridiculous comments accusing her of being a terrible mother.

Really?! Commenters flocked to Megan Fox‘s Instagram account to accuse her of being a bad mother and encouraging her little boys to “be like girls,” all because they have long hair. Megan’s sons, Noah, 5, and Bodhi, 4, whom she shares with husband Brian Austin Green, are pictured sitting on the beach in coordinating wetsuits and rocking equally long, shaggy hair. They’re absolutely adorable! But some people seemed to think it was their business to school Megan, 31, on how to raise her boys.

“I’m pretty sure she encourages them to be like girls or something, she dresses them like girls for godsakes, look it up, and I’m not even surprised it’s just how hollywood people are a little weird.”, an Instagram user wrote. “Another damn celeb pushing this trans / genderless crap. And please don’t reply with your unwanted comment telling me what an asshole I am, I already know. Fkn hollyweird”, wrote another.

“‘My boys are girls, I’m progressive’. Yeah progressively assisting suicide and mass delusion!”, reads another comment. “it’s just that girls should look like that, girls! And boys like boys. That’s it and that’s that.” Okay, this is all seriously offensive. Just because boys have long hair does not mean their “trans” or subscribing to “genderless crap”, as these commenters so delicately put it. Just as girls are allowed to be tomboys, boys can dress or look however they wish. They’re young children, and they can do what they want! Little Noah is known to rock a Queen Elsa of Snow White dress every once in awhile, too, and he looks awesome. More power to him!

Brian defended Noah’s choice to wear dresses in an interview last year. “It’s his life, they’re not my clothes. … I feel like at 4 at 5, that’s a time when he should be having fun. He’s not harming anyone wearing a dress,” Brian said on Hollywood Pipeline. “So if he wants to wear a dress, good on him.”

But for every person lobbing hate at the mother and her two sweet sons, there was a commenter defending her, too. Someone pointed out something very important: there are plenty of successful, talented, and handsome men in Hollywood who’ve all rocked long hair at some point in their lives! Think about it; Harry Styles currently has a cute bun. Justin Bieber‘s done it, too. Christian Bale, Brad Pitt, and Jared Leto have gravitated toward long hair. Plus, think of the superheroes! Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Aquaman (Jason Mamoa) both have it! Who wouldn’t want to be like them?

Other commenters chimed in with their support: “People saying letting boys have long hair is trying to make them girly are rediculous [sic] those opinions belong back in the 1950’s. Keep doing what your doing ms fox, and thats raising happy content kids”. We couldn’t agree more!

“Good on you for growing the boys hair. My son looked gorgeous with his long locks and only asked to have it cut when he felt pressured when he started school.”, another person wrote. “So what, ppl need to mind their own business and just look after their own kids. These boys look beautiful. SCrew what the haters say. Its cool and if the boys didn’t like it, they would say so”.

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