Megan Thee Stallion and Shenseea Have a Clear Request in the “Lick” Music Video

Between “Eat It,” “WAP,” and now “Lick,” Megan Thee Stallion has made it clear what she wants. The Houston rapper joined forces with Jamaican singer Shenseea for their new single “Lick” and accompanied the release with a music video on Friday. Shenseea’s lyrics like “Put your back in it, just a little more” and “Boy, when your mouth full, don’t talk,” are among the more subtle. Megan’s verses have a bunch of innuendos such as “Suck it like a crab leg, I’m crackin’ it” and “He ate it quick then call me fast food.” I’m here for women being bold in songwriting. The rest of the lyrics. . . I’ll let you hear that for yourself.

The “Lick” music video also gives Megan and Cardi B’s “WAP” music video a run for its money when it comes to its raunchiness. Background dancers are shown twerking on ice cream cones; graphics of dripping popsicle cones appear when Megan and Shenseea are delivering their lyrics. The most unexpected of it all is a visual of the Jamaican dancehall singer with her legs spread, as a graphic of gloss-stained lips lick Megan. You’ll have watch the video above to understand.

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