Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Had an Awkward Run-In with Harry's Ex-Girlfriend

If you think being an IRL Prince Charming would prevent you from cringe-worthy relationship moments, think again. 

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle are essentially living a fairytale romance, but their bubble was burst (just a smidgen) last week when they ran smack dab into one of Harry’s exes (no, not the one who gave him a tearful phone call the night before his wedding). Before Markle came into the picture, Harry was linked to actress Jenna Coleman in 2015. Obviously, that ended, but Vanity Fair reports that the amicable nature of the split didn’t soften the tension when Meghan and Harry unexpectedly ran into Jenna during their recent secret trip abroad to Amsterdam. 

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Apparently at breakfast, Harry spotted Jenna across the room and massively blushed. “Harry had to walk straight past Jenna to get to his and Meghan’s table,” an eyewitness told VF. “It was pretty awkward and some of the other guests were commenting on it. Jenna looked down while Harry looked straight ahead, while Meghan didn’t seem to notice. She sat through breakfast with a smile on her face, but Harry looked a bit uncomfortable. He’d been super friendly saying hi to everyone, but he didn’t even acknowledge Jenna.”

Ooof. Awkward. It probably didn’t help matters that Coleman was also there with a significant other, her Victoria co-star Tom Hughes … whom Coleman chose to date over Harry.

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“She had texts and date requests coming in from both of them. She ended up going for Tom over Harry,” a friend explained to Vanity Fair. “I guess she knew she had more in common with a fellow actor. Tom was really into Jenna and they hit it off.”

File this one under “things that will probably keep Harry up at 4 a.m.” 

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