Meghan Trainor Loves Motherhood so Much She's Ready for More Kids

Singer Meghan Trainor remains in the spotlight between her music and TV gigs on Peacock’s Top Chef Family Style and her upcoming judgeship on the E! show Clash of the Cover Bands. Even with her thriving career, Trainor’s number one priority is 7-month old son Riley. Expressing that she and husband Daryl Sabara “got so blessed” with Riley, Trainor can’t wait to expand her family.

Meghan Trainor and Daryl Sabara welcomed Riley in February 2021

Trainor was set for a concert tour with Maroon 5 but was sidetracked when the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic forced everyone into lockdown. The “All About That Base” singer and her husband figured their cleared schedule was the perfect opportunity to start a family.

“As soon as COVID had hit and we knew we were going to be stuck at home for months, we were like, ‘It’s kind of now or never, right? Let’s go,’ ” Trainor told People. “But it’s crazy to think that two different lives that would’ve been.”

The music star announced her pregnancy news on on Today with Hoda & Jenna since she had often spoken to NBC News star Hoda Kotb about having kids.

“We were thinking about who do I tell first,” Trainor shared. “I was like, I told Hoda since I was 19 going to the Today Show (that) I will have the most babies in the world. It finally happened and we’re so excited.”

The singer revealed that her family was well aware of the couple’s plans to expand. “I made it very clear in the household, like, ‘Hey, we’re trying! We’re gonna have a baby!’” Trainor commented. “So I was like, obnoxious about it, so that it wasn’t too big of a surprise. But they are so excited.”

Baby Riley is ‘a great sleeper’

Trainor recently spoke of the joy she gets from her son, including those special smiles he gives every time he sees his mom.

“The biggest change is that anytime I walk into a room with him in it, it’s the biggest smile and the most joy, the most love anyone could ever give you,” she raved. “He recognizes me and he’s like, ‘I’m so excited to see you.’ And to look at that and be like, ‘I made that. That’s crazy. That came from love. That came from soulmates.’ It’s the greatest.”

The “No Excuses” singer and her husband haven’t dealt with too much sleep deprivation like some new parents, thanks to Riley’s penchant for getting his shuteye.

“We got really lucky,” Trainor said. “We got a happy baby. He’s slept through the night since three months old, which is the day I started working again. He’s a great sleeper.”

Meghan Trainor wants to add to her family

The joy that Riley has brought to the couple has motivated Trainor to give her son some siblings.

“I’m ready for three more kids!” she remarked. “I’m happiest nowadays when I’m putting my baby to sleep with my husband because we do it together every night. We look at each other like, ‘We made the best baby.’ We got so blessed.”

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