Megyn Kelly Walks Back Idiotic Defense of Blackface

Megyn Kelly would like a mulligan.

On Tuesday morning, the former Fox News host reminded NBC viewers where she used to work by sitting around with a few panelists and making a passionate defense for…

… the use of blackface on Halloween?


According to our records, this really was the random and racist hill on which Kelly decided to die for some reason.

During the controversial segment on Tuesday, Kelly said it was perfectly alright when she was growing up for white people to dress up as black characters on October 31, speaking out against the Politically Correct Police these days who frown on such a thing.

She used a really specific example to drive home her point, too.

Back in April, an episode of The Real Housewives of New York featured cast member Luann de Lesseps going out for Halloween as Diana Ross.

She received backlash for the outfit and then she apologized.

Simple and understandable enough, right?

Not to Megyn Kelly!

“But what is racist?” Kelly asked, digging herself a deep grave by expounding as follows:

“Because you do get in trouble if you are a white person who puts on blackface on Halloween, or a black person who puts on whiteface for Halloween.

“Back when I was a kid that was OK, as long as you were dressing up as, like, a character.”

We’re pretty sure that last sentence is demonstrably false; there just wasn’t social media back in the day over which folks could voice their concerns about these types of costumes.

After earning immediate flak from basically everyone with a pulse, Kelly issued an apology on Tuesday evening.

Written as an internal note, a copy of which was provided by a spokesperson for NBC via Twitter, Kelly said the following:

One of the wonderful things about my job is that I get the chance to express and hear a lot of opinions.

Today is one of those days where listening carefully to other points of view, including from friends and colleagues, is leading me to rethink my own views.

Continued Kelly:

When we had the roundtable discussion earlier today about the controversy of making your face look like a different race as part of a Halloween costume, I suggested that this seemed okay if done as part of this holiday where people have the chance to make themselves look like others.

The iconic Diana Ross came up as an example.

To me, I thought, why would it be controversial for someone dressing up as Diana Ross to make herself look like this amazing woman as a way of honoring and respecting her?

I realize now that such behavior is indeed wrong, and I am sorry. The history of blackface in our culture is abhorrent; the wounds too deep.

Yes, exactly.

Kelly prides herself as a journalist and yet somehow didn’t realize previously that blackface — which was used in the late 19th century and early 20th century by white theater performers to mock and stereotype African-Americans – has an offensive history?!?

Come on, Megs.

As Melania Trump might say, try to be be better, okay?

Try not to make it so clear that you want back on Fox News and are happy to show executives there while you still belong.

Go ahead and search social media for the best responses to this scandal, but we’ll go with Top Chef Padma Lakshmi and her Tweet.

This is what she wrote:

“I cannot believe the ignorance on this in 2018. You are on national television.

“You have a responsibility to educate yourself on social issues @megynkelly. This is so damaging.”

Once aganin: Yes, exactly.

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