Mel B’s Rehab Is NOT For Alcohol Or Sex Addiction, Says BFF

What’s really going on with Mel B??

The artist formerly known as Scary Spice admitted she was being admitted into a rehab facility, but there seems to be a big discrepancy over why exactly she’s getting help.

The Sun was told over the weekend she was getting help with “alcohol and sex addiction” — but a friend told People on Monday those were “all lies.”

Gary Madatyan (as seen with Mel just last week above) says it’s all emotional problems:

“Yes, she has some issues she’s working on, but it’s emotional issues stemming from everything she’s been through with her divorce. It’s not drugs or sex addiction at all. is not a sex-addicted person.”

He continues:

“She’s in therapy just like any woman who’s been through the kind of marriage and divorce she has. But she’s fine, and she’s working through things. She’s a great mother and a great friend. She just has PTSD. She’s been in treatment for it for the past 4 to 5 weeks.”

We’re glad to hear she doesn’t have substance abuse or… other kinds of abuse… problems, but PTSD definitely sounds serious.

Madatyan isn’t worried. He reassures:

“Yes, she has some stress, but she’s getting help and she’s a fighter — she’s Scary Spice.”

Good point! LOLz!

We love a supportive friend willing to speak on the record like this!

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