Melissa McCarthy Apologizes for Dragging J.Lo to Dance Floor at Ellen’s Birthday Party

Admitting she was ‘aggressive’ when dancing at Ellen DeGeneres’ 60th birthday bash, the comedienne recalls, ‘God knows who I shoved, just yelling, ‘J.Lo’s coming through…!’ ‘

Melissa McCarthy always believes she could have been a professional dancer after a few party drinks. The “Bridesmaids” star recently impressed fellow guests with her “aggressive” dance moves at pal Ellen DeGeneres‘ 60th birthday bash, and in her first appearance on the TV star’s talk show, she apologized for dragging Jennifer Lopez around the room.

“I would like to say sorry,” she said during her appearance on Friday’s (May 4) show. “There is something about when you’re in the same room as her (Lopez), you’re like, ‘This is my one shot!’ ”

Ellen recalled her pal leading J.Lo to the dance floor, knocking people out of the way as she barged through. “I bet at the time, I thought, ‘Oh, I’ll pretend to be her security guard; that’ll be enjoyable for her!’ ” she explained. “God knows who I shoved, just yelling, ‘J.Lo’s coming through…!’ ”

She continued, “And then my brain explodes, ‘Should we go fly-girl…?’ ”

Melissa felt sure she really was the life and soul of the party at the time, but now she has seen shots of herself dancing with J.Lo and the birthday girl, she’s not so sure. “Somehow, when I hit a dance floor and there may be three drinks in me, I’m like, ‘I should do this professionally,’ ” she said.

Appearing on Ellen’s show earlier this week (beg April 30), J.Lo admitted she enjoyed dancing with Melissa, revealing the actress and comedienne has a lot of energy and skill on the dance floor, but she was the first person under the disco ball. “I like to get the party started,” she said.

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