Meredith Vieira says she was shocked by Matt Lauer firing

“I was just as shocked as everyone else,” she told Cohen, hinting that she too was unaware of Lauer’s conduct.

While she steered clear of saying too much about Lauer and the situation in general, she did discussed the “#MeToo” movement that was responsible for Lauer and several other powerful men in show business being taken to task for their alleged inappropriate behavior.

“I really appreciate the #MeToo movement, I think it’s long overdue. Clearly there has been a problem that has been ignored and a lot of people have been hurt, and I think they deserve to have their truth told,” she told Cohen. “What I hope happens through all of this is that we create a work place where women and men will feel safe.”

Vieira’s sympathy with the #MeToo movement comes at a good time for her, as The Hollywood Reporter revealed on Monday that her production company is partnering with This Is Just A Test on an initiative to fund and develop documentary projects helmed by female directors. According to the report, documentary filmmakers in 2016 were roughly 67 percent male and only 33 percent female.

“I want to help women get their films made,” she told the outlet. “I want to make more documentaries and I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to support the female filmmakers.”

As previously reported, Lauer was fired by NBC after an employee gave a detailed complaint about his behavior that led to an investigation.

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