Mia Khalifa Shocks Fans After Admitting She Had Boob Job in Hilarious TikTok Video

In a funny sketch, the 28-year-old former porn star acts out a conversation with her imaginary daughter who wants to copy her physical appearance when she gets older.

AceShowbizMia Khalifa has just made a shocking confession. No stranger to baring her naked body in photos and videos, the former porn star has admitted that some of her assets that she is known for are not actually natural.

Taking to TikTok on Wednesday, December 15, the 28-year-old posted a hilarious video in which she confessed that she has had plastic surgeries to enhance her look. In the clip, she was lying seemingly naked in bed with a white sheet covering her breasts as she admitted that she had a boob and nose job.

Mia acted out a conversation with her imaginary daughter. “Mommy I can’t wait to look like you when I get older,” she mouthed, playing the role of her future progeny. She then responded as herself, “Mommy spent $13,000 on her boobs and $15,000 on her nose – so you better start saving.” Her alter ego then sarcastically responded, “ok, perfect,” with a deadpan face.

Mia’s confession has led some of her fans surprised as they had always thought that her boobs were real. “I always thought they were real they look so good in the most respectful way,” one reacted to the video.

Another perplexed user exclaimed, “Wait they aren’t real?” Someone commended Mia for the decision, “It was a good investment tho.”

There were, of course, some critics of plastic surgery, with one comparing Mia’s future daughter to the Kardashians, who allegedly have had works done. “Not judging at all but this makes me think about all the Kardashian kids and how they’re most likely gonna get some form of plastic surgery by 18,” the said user claimed.

Mia had a meteoric rise in the adult industry back in 2014. The Lebanese-American model, however, clarified that she didn’t make that much from her short-lived career as a porn star. “People think I’m racking in millions from porn,” she revealed in 2019. “I made a TOTAL of around $12,000 in the industry and never saw a penny again after that. Difficulty finding a normal job after quitting porn was… scary.”

“To clarify, I was never promised ‘millions,’ nor do I expect it,” Mia added. “I’m just clarifying common misconceptions about me, and in turn, about the industry.” She went on sharing, “I was involved in porn so briefly, but my actions spread like wildfire, and I continue to be ranked (truly baffles me) 5 years after leaving the industry. This is why people think I still perform.”

Back in October this year, Mia talked about her decision to transition from the adult industry into OnlyFans after feeling exploited. “I was looking to other people to put value on myself. I was looking for validation in every crevice that I could, without actually doing internal work,” she told Yahoo Life in an interview. She admitted, “I was naive, vulnerable, and malleable. Very easily talked into things, especially if it was by a man.”

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