Michael Ketterer Debuts Special Song Written By Garth Brooks On ‘America’s Got Talent’ Finale

Simon Cowell called…and Garth Brooks answered! The country superstar wrote a track just for ‘America’s Got Talent’ contestant, Michael Ketterer, who performed it during the finale on Sept. 19.

Michael Ketterer had a special moment during the America’s Got Talent finale when he got to perform a song written specially for him by Garth Brooks. The season 13 finalist took the stage during the jam-packed Sept. 19 episode to debut the track, “Courage To Love,” and it was beautiful! The song came about rather quickly — during the Sept. 4 episode of America’s Got Talent, judge, Simon Cowell, who chose Michael as his Golden Buzzer during auditions, asked Garth to pen a song for the rising star if he made it to the AGT finals. The request quickly went viral, and eventually, Garth responded.

“I told Simon last week, the opportunity to write, and the opportunity tow rite for someone, I haven’t done that in a while,” Garth admitted in a Facebook Live. He went on to explain that songwriter, John Martin, is the one who called him up and urged him to really sit down and write the track. Garth consulted with Michael about what message he wanted to get across in the song, and Michael said he is thrilled with the results.

“I am in love with the song that happened,” he said. “You know, I really wanted to pass on in the song — I wanted to share my heart as, like, passing on a legacy, like telling my boys what it’s like, what it actually takes to be a man, and what it takes to be a man in this day and age, and that kind of thing. I feel like what happened is beyond what I thought or imagined.”

In addition to writing a song for Michael, Garth also invited him to perform at his upcoming Notre Dame show on Oct. 20. “You come see us, man,” Garth urged during the Facebook Live. “We’re going to suit you up with a band. We’re going to put you out in front of 85,000 of the sweetest people you’ve ever played for before, and they’re going to be pulling for you like no other. This is going to be good!”

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