Michael Lohan’s ex-wives, Dina and Kate, are living together

It’s the Lohan Wives Club.

Page Six has learned that both of Michael Lohan’s long-suffering ex-wives are living together.

Sources tell us that — amid the latest round of arrests — Kate Major and Dina Lohan are holed up in a makeshift anti-Mike commune in what was once simply Dina’s house in Merrick, LI.

Oh, and kinda confirming the tip, when Page Six called Kate for comment on a recent story, an exhausted-sounding Dina seized the phone and gave us a lengthy diatribe about how she’s “being a mother” and protecting Kate. “I’ve been through it all before,” she said, apparently referring to the miscellaneous rigors of being Mrs. Michael Lohan — before somewhat confusingly telling one Page Six reporter, “I love you.”

As we reported on Thursday, Lohan e-mailed our tips address to claim that Kate had framed him for assaulting her last week in an attempt to get him arrested in retaliation for having dropped a dime on her to get her arrested for an alleged DUI. (Keeping up?) Kate denies making up her claims.

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