Michelle Money Holds Bag of Daughter's Brain Fluid, Shares Update on Her Condition

“It’s been rough, she’s been up and down, but she’s good, she’s stable,” Money said of her daughter. “She’s trying to wake up.”

Michelle Money says her daughter is "coming back" after a tragic skateboarding accident left the 15-year-old in the ICU on life support.

On Tuesday, "The Bachelor" alum offered updates on her daughter Brielle’s condition, sharing some much-needed good news after the teen underwent brain surgery. While Brielle remains in a medically-induced coma, Money revealed her daughter is "moving," "trying to wake up" and even tried to cough.

"So many wins today. We got her off of the Propofol. We got her off of the paralyzing agent," Money, 39, began in an Instagram video Tuesday. "I watched my daughter try to cough. She’s coming back. It’s been such a good day."

"It’s been rough, she’s been up and down, but she’s good, she’s stable," the former reality star added. "She’s trying to wake up. It’s going to be a big day tomorrow."

Though her daughter has been taken off the paralyzing agent, Money said it’ll "take a few days" for the sedation to leave Brielle’s body.

"It’s not like she’s gonna open her eyes and be like, ‘Hi, Mom,’" she said, joking, "I can’t wait for this kid to wake up so I can yell at her. Just kidding, I’m gonna give her the biggest hug. I miss her so much."

Earlier on Tuesday, Money took to her Instagram Stories and shared a video of Brielle’s "healthy brain fluid." She also posted a photo holding a bag of the yellowish-brown liquid.

"Just holding up my daughter’s brain fluid. What are you up to?" she wrote alongside the pic.

Lots of good things happening! So proud of this kid! She is such a fighter and I know she is trying to wake up!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽Love you guys! Xoxo

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After visiting Brielle in the hospital, Money shared some more details on her daughter’s condition. Revealing the day brought multiple wins, the Utah native posted an Instagram video from her car and said, "I saw my daughter move her finger. She’s starting to cough on her own. She also has pneumonia, which is actually pretty typical in situations like this."

"So many big things today. She’s moving," Money continued, also thanking everyone for their support. "She is off of a lot of these drugs. There’s a lot of wins! That was like seven."

"We’re getting our girl back!" she concluded, sharing her optimism for the following day.

Also on Tuesday, Money’s ex-husband and Brielle’s father, Ryan, posted an update as well and went into detail about the 15-year-old’s treatment. As Money previously shared, the parents are unable to visit their daughter at the same time due to the coronavirus pandemic.

"So Brielle has been on 4 main drips (medications): Propofol, Dilaudid (pain management), Versed (lessen agitation and anxiety), and Vecuronium or Vec is the paralytic," he shared on Instagram. "Propofol has been the main medication that they have been giving to deal with the pressure in her brain. When the pressure spikes they usually bolster with the propofol.

"TODAY they got her off of the propofol, which is HUGE news," he said, adding Brielle has been "trying" to open her eyes. "I can’t believe it; Brielle is trying to wake up. We have been without our Brie for over a week and so we are overjoyed by this and cannot wait!!!!!"

"They will still have to keep her sedated because she has the Bolt/Sensor, the Drain, and the breathing tube," Ryan concluded. "Next steps is to have her respond to orders like, ‘squeeze my fingers,’ ‘Give me a thumbs up,’ ‘can you open your eyes,’ etc, or to see if she withdraws from pain, like pinching her feet or hands. She does have a slight bout of pneumonia and her lungs are going to need assistance for a bit. We are so happy, though, with this progress and can’t wait to see her open her eyes. We are so excited!!!!"

The former couple’s updates came after Money shared a moving video featuring photos of Brielle over the years. The touching clip, which was set to Andra Day’s song "Rise Up," was created by Money’s friend Jessie Miller.

Money first spoke about Brielle’s skateboarding accident last month, describing it as "the worst experience" of her life.

HUGE thank you to @jessiemiller4 for taking the time to make this amazing video!!! As of 12:15 pm MST she is back in the teens as we are reducing her propofol. Propofol infusion syndrome numbers are up so we need to get her off this drug. Top priority is getting her off of it. Looking into other options if needed but so far it’s just a slow process and she is staying the course. As long as we keep her pressure below 20 we are ok. I’ll update this evening. Thanks for the messages and support. This video is so amazing! Thanks again Jessie! ❤️

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