Michelle Wolf Believes There's Two Reasons the #MeToo Movement 'Will Never Work' (Exclusive)

Dave Chappelle and Jon Stewart ask her to weigh in on the hot topic during a stand-up show, and she doesn’t hold back.

Michelle Wolf thinks the #MeToo and Times Up movements that have taken America by storm "will never work," for two reasons.

The comedian got incredibly candid about the issue during a stand-up show in Dublin, Ireland, earlier this week with Dave Chappelle and Jon Stewart. During the same Q & A portion of the evening that spurred Chappelle to give his honest thoughts about "bipolar" Kanye West’s "manic episode" in the Oval Office with President Donald Trump, the trio took turns giving their thoughts on the outpouring of sexual harassment, assault and misconduct horror stories making headlines.

"There’s two reasons it will never work," Wolf said. "One is that women keep going back to things that happen to them specifically and they want damages. That’s never how any movement has worked. People have always looked forward, to be like this is what happened, we want it to be better in the future."

"People are trying to get things that happened 15, 20 years ago — someone touched their butt or they saw their dick — and they’re like, ‘I want that to be taken care of.’ No, that’s the culture, that’s what happened," she continued. "It was shitty, but now we have to fix it for the future. It’s not about your problem, it’s about the collective problem."

Stewart said "here, here" as the audience clapped in approval of Wolf’s message.

While many advocates of the #MeToo movement have said it’s time for women to speak up and men to simply shut up and listen, Wolf believes the male voice is essential in a discussion about better behavior.

"The other reason this will never work is we’re not including men in the conversation," she said. "There was a whole society around men that said everything they were doing was okay. It wasn’t, but society accepted it … but now we have to say if we’re going to move past this, we have to give a way for men to get into it, for men to say like, ‘Yeah, I did a shitty thing. I’m not going to do that anymore. Can we all move forward together?’"

Before Wolf shared her perspective, Stewart said he sympathizes with the women speaking out.

"I’m one of those guys who does feel that even if this is a bit of an overreaction at times, women have been silent for so long," he said. "Guys now have been saying, ‘I can’t even smile at a girl anymore.’ And I’m like, ‘Well where is your dick when you’re smiling? Because that’s generally been the issue.’"

Chappelle and Stewart asked for Wolf’s opinion after the former "Chappelle Show" star went on a tangent about Bill Cosby being sentenced for prison after being found guilty

"Harvey Weinstein had lunch at expensive restaurant this afternoon while Bill Cosby eats Jell-O in jail by his motherf–kin’ self," he said. "I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve to be in jail … 64 rapes is a lot, man. You need to be on time out."

Wolf hasn’t been shy about tackling #MeToo in her comedy this year. She described the marriage of "Morning Joe" co-hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough as an example of "when a #MeToo works out" during her absolutely savage White House Correspondents’ Dinner set. In a joke at the same event targeting President Trump, she said, "It’s 2018, and I’m a woman so you can not shut me up. Unless you have Michael Cohen wire me $130,000. Michael, you can find me on Venmo under my porn star name Reince Priebus."

On her Netflix show "The Break," which was cancelled three months after it premiered this past spring, she devoted a sketch to finding alternative hashtags to replace #MeToo, since it’s such a common expression that has become synonymous with sexual abuse.

Watch it below after listening to Wolf’s thoughts on challenges facing the #MeToo movement in the video above.

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