Mina Starsiak Opens Up About Getting Plastic Surgery

Floating around the internet is a quote attributed to Harry Potter actor, Rupert Grint. It goes something like: “Being famous is wicked. But it’s better to be normal.” Because being famous means that privacy becomes really, really hard. And as Demi Lovato will sing to you, scrutiny makes self-love extremely, extremely difficult. Or, in other words, “haters that live on the internet, live in my head, should be paying rent.” Which is why we’re tremendously impressed with Good Bones star Mina Starsiak and how candid she’s been about getting plastic surgery.

The HGTV star recently underwent a tummy tuck, liposuction, and breast implants. In January 2021, Starsiak told People that post-surgery was the hardest part of the procedure. “I felt like an alien because I had drains to collect this bloody goo. It’s like you’re peeing and having your period all at the same time,” she said.

Even after she was well into the recovery stage, getting back to normal was a roller coaster. Starsiak explained, “I felt great, so I’m literally using my drill and my circular saw and organizing stuff [one day].” But the next day would be dramatically different. As she narrated, “I felt like I’d been hit by a train and then trampled by an elephant.”

Why Mina Starsiak says plastic surgery was right for her

Mina Starsiak fans will know she’s recently recovered from her second pregnancy requiring a C-section. (If you haven’t take a second to fawn over her baby pics, by all means, please do!) “My C-section scar was a very visual and physical reminder of not looking like myself and not feeling like myself anymore,” she told People. Her stomach was particularly important to her.

“I do a very physical job and I like working out, and your core is so attached to everything, every movement I do, like swinging a hammer,” she explained, “And I just didn’t feel like I was going to be able to work out and get this back to where I felt strong, like myself, like I did before kids.”

As Starsiak shared on Instagram post-op, her decision to undergo the surgery paid off. “I feel like I am myself again & I feel strong,” she told her followers. We’re happy for you, Mina, you look spectacular. And, to borrow your own words (we couldn’t have said it better ourselves): “I’ve said it before but it can’t hurt to say again; women are each other’s harshest critics & there’s just no sense in it. Do what makes you feel happy, strong, loved… whatever that looks like. And own it.” Over and out.

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