Molly-Mae Hague flaunts her £,1950 'chav' jacket

‘Chav chic!’: Molly-Mae Hague flaunts her £1,950 Gucci x The North Face padded jacket as she poses up a storm in the brand new designer collection

She’s known to always rock a fashionable look. 

And Molly-Mae Hague was sure to keep up with the trends as she flaunted her brand new £1,950 Gucci x The North Face jacket on Instagram on Friday.

The Love Island star, 21, posed up a storm as she modelled the padded jacket in her bathroom, penning: ‘Chav chic and I’m here for it’.

‘Chav chic’:  Molly-Mae Hague proved her fashion credentials as she flaunted her brand new £1,950 Gucci x The North Face jacket on Instagram on Friday

Molly-Mae covered her face as she showcased the eye-catching jacket, which boasts Gucci’s recognisable logo all over the material and two large pockets.

The expensive coat, which was only released in the UK on Monday, also features a bright orange lining and The North Face’s brand name across the chest.

Ensuring all eyes were on her latest treat, the reality star kept the rest of her ensemble casual by donning comfortable black tracksuit bottoms.

What a collection: The Love Island star, 21, also revealed she’s the proud owner of a sweatshirt from the recently released line as well

Closeup: Molly-Mae gave her fans a closer view of the patterned jacket and tagged a personal shopper at Selfridges in the short clip 

She also revealed she’s the proud owner of a white sweatshirt from the collection and posted several snaps of bold pink box the new items came in. 

After testing out her latest designer items, Molly-Mae and her beau Tommy Fury, both 21, cuddled up in the bathroom as they prepared to go to bed . 

The influencer opted for comfort in a white, long-sleeved top and cream lounge pants as she took a boomerang for Instagram in the mirror.

She held her fingers in a ‘peace’ sign as she pouted and moved her head from side to side. 

Quiet night in: Later on Friday, Molly-Mae and her beau Tommy Fury, 21, cuddled up in the bathroom as they prepared to go to bed on Friday night

Molly-Mae went make-up free, after earlier in the day showing off a spot on her chin, zooming in on her face and saying: ‘That’s a cute x’ [sic].  

The blonde beauty left her locks down and captioned the post with a line of ‘Zzz’ emojis, implying the pair were off to bed.  

The boxer, meanwhile, left his shirt off as he stood behind Molly-Mae and placed his hands on her stomach. 

‘That’s a cutie x’: Molly-Mae went make-up free, after earlier in the day showing off a spot on her chin, zooming in on her face and saying: ‘That’s a cute x’ 

It comes after the pair looked every inch the happy couple on Thursday, as they celebrated their 18-month anniversary at home in Cheshire. 

Making sure it was one to remember, Tommy treated his ‘soulmate’ to a surprise romantic evening complete with rose petals on the floor and a bouquet of flowers. 

Molly-Mae appeared to be very impressed with Tommy’s thoughtful efforts as she showed off the rose petals on their carpet. 

The beauty revealed their initials had been made out of petals as well as a love heart, with the path leading to their dining table where a large bouquet awaited her. 

Loved-up: It comes after Tommy treated Molly-Mae to a surprise date night at home in Cheshire on Thursday as the couple celebrated their 18 month anniversary

So sweet: The boxer gave his influencer girlfriend a stunning bouquet of flowers after putting rose petals around their flat 

She gushed over her boyfriend’s sweet actions, captioning the clips ‘he brought date night home to us’ and ‘no words’, before showing Tommy smiling on their sofa. 

Tommy also shared his adoration for the star throughout the day as he shared a selfie of the duo kissing in a swimming pool. 

He penned: ‘Every minute is a blessing with you. Happy 1 year 6 months soulmate’

The boxer recently explained how Molly-Mae is ‘the female version’ of himself in an exclusive interview with MailOnline. 

Gushing: Tommy also shared a snap with Molly-Mae, penning ‘every minute is a blessing with you. Happy 1 year 6 months soulmate’

Romantic: He wrote their initials in rose petals and also made a love heart with candles in which showed Molly-Mae the way to their dining table and her main flowers

The boxer called his influencer girlfriend his ‘dream girl’ and ‘soulmate’ in a declaration of love as he revealed their plans for the future. 

While promoting Holland & Barrett’s PE nutrition line, he admitted it was love at first sight when he first met Molly-Mae. He said: ‘Definitely [I felt love] when I first saw her.

‘If you gave me a pen and paper to write down my dream girl it would be her. That’s what I said a year and a half ago on the show and I wasn’t lying. 

‘And it’s just crazy really, because of her personality as I’ve got to know her inside and out, it’s increased.

‘She’s the female version of me! Every day I feel like I love her even more, she’s my soulmate.’  

Impressive: Molly-Mae shared her astonishment over Tommy’s romantic gesture as she shared the evening on Instagram Stories

Cosy: The couple enjoyed a quiet night in at their stylish flat, lighting the fire

Many Love Island couples have failed to make their relationships work after leaving the villa and returning to the real world.

When asked why their relationship has stood the test of time, Tommy explained: ‘I think it was because there was no pressure on it. Molly-Mae and me, we’re in it for the long haul so when you’ve got that it’s easy going. 

‘Everybody was on Love Island for their own reasons, I was genuinely on there to find a relationship. I’d never even watched the show before. 

‘I didn’t have a clue about what would happen so I had an “all or nothing” attitude. I think it’s about how much commitment you give and we’ve both put the effort in.’

All smiles: The duo also spent their anniversary on a winter walk, with Tommy sharing a sweet selfie to Instagram Stories earlier on Thursday

As he discussed how their relationship has developed, Tommy confessed that they both have weird personalities and strange quirks which they never revealed to each other on the dating show. 

He said: ‘We’re laughing every minute of the day, we take everything with a pinch of salt. If she’s not pushing me over the settee, I’m pushing her over the settee. 

‘It’s crazy really, thinking back to Love Island and then to now, I didn’t know her at all compared to now. These days we’re just so weird together. 

‘If we were that open at the start then “oh my god,” but we’ve evolved over time. We’ve been living together for almost a year now and it’s definitely gone by so fast.’ 

Picture of happiness: It comes after Tommy said Molly-Mae is ‘the female version of me’ in an exclusive interview with MailOnline

Looking ahead to the future, Tommy confirmed that marriage and having children is definitely on the cards. 

The reality star continued: ‘We’re both young but I definitely want to get married and have a lot of kids. 

‘However, you can’t put a time frame on things because it never goes to plan, so you might as well let it happen naturally. 

‘My dream would be to have six kids but I think Molly-Mae’s limit is about two, I’m going to have to do some good bribing there!’ 

Family plans: Speaking of their future together, the reality star said: ‘We’re both young but I definitely want to get married and have a lot of kids… My dream would be to have six’

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