Morgan Wallen Releases Dreamy New Single ‘7 Summers’

Country musician, Morgan Wallen has released a brand-new single, “7 Summers,” taken from his forthcoming sophomore album.

“Were we dumb or just younger, who knows?/Back then, you used to love the river/And sippin’ on a sixer with me/Does it ever make you sad to know/That was seven summers ago?” Wallen croons in the chorus of the melancholy tune, which revolves around the theme of a long-lost summer love.

In a statement issued shortly after the release of the song, Wallen shared that social media is solely responsible for the early release of the song; “When quarantine first started, I was challenged to do a demo on Instagram so I put out the first verse and chorus of ‘7 Summers,'” he shared. “I heard a lot of good feedback from it on Instagram, and then it started making the rounds on TikTok — I saw how much the song was getting played and how much people were enjoying it.”

He went on to add that “seeing the response played the biggest part in this release.” In a promotional post on Instagram, he shared what appears to be the cover art for the song, featuring a happy couple lounging by the shores of a lake at sunset, alongside the caption “This came out because of y’all. do what ya do.”

The forthcoming album is yet to receive an official title and release date.

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