My Beef With Taryn Manning! Shane Dawson Taking A Break! Ariana Too! Xtina’s Tour Struggles! AND…


We were shocked that so many people were curious as to why we blocked Taryn Manning from all social media. So… by request, here we explain our beef with the Orange Is The New Black star!

Plus, Christina Aguilera‘s tour is struggling and even though we provided RECEIPTS, her fans think Perez shouldn’t talk about it. Does that make sense to U?

Ariana Grande is quitting social media!

Is his success this year getting to Shane Dawson?

Diddy and Cassie SPLIT after a decade together! Were all those years a waste?

Mel B accused of assault!

Is Grayson Dolan dating James Charles?

Lena Dunham‘s health struggles!

A major victory for Rob Kardashian!

And more of today’s hottest topics, including Cameron Dallas, Taylor Swift, Miranda Sings, Meghan Markle, Kanye West, Roseanne, Kim Zolciak, Jersey Shore, Bethenny Frankel, Tara Reid and MORE!


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PETE DAVIDSON cancels comedy show:

ARIANA GRANDE makes it to dress rehearsal:


ARIANA taking a break from social media:


ARIANA covers up Pete tattoo:




TAYLOR SWIFT gets political again:


DIDDY and Cassie break up:


KIM KARDASHIAN and Kanye West go on safari:

ROSEANNE unhappy:


KIM ZOLCIAK denies photoshopping pics of her kids:


RONNIE ORTIZ’s girlfriend makes outlandish claim:


BETHENNY FRANKEL won’t have to undergo random testing:


TARA REID’s denial:


MEL B allegedly hits model:


LENA DUNHAM’s most recent operation:


ROB KARDASHIAN loses over 30 lbs:

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