Nadia Essex drops a stone after being warned party lifestyle was ‘killing’ her

Nadia Essex has lost an entire stone in just six weeks after being warned that her boozy, sedentary lifestyle was ‘killing’ her.

The Celebs Go Dating star was spurred into action after seeing pictures of herself ”looking eight months pregnant’ on holiday in Barbados in March.

And after going from a slender size 10 to 14 by packing away the fancy food and booze at posh celebrity parties, she decided the time had come to take action.

“Those pictures of me on the beach in Barbados were a big wake-up call," the 36-year-old sex-expert said. “I was so big that I looked like I was about to have a baby."

Desperate to assess the damage, upon returning to the UK she underwent a medical and was horrified to learn she had a body-fat ratio of 31 per cent, making her ‘medically obese’.

Her weight also left her at risk of type 2 diabetes and heart problems, with Nadia claiming her diet and sedentary lifestyle was ‘literally killing me’.

"My self-confidence really suffered. I couldn’t fit into any of my clothes and I had gone up two dresses sizes from my usual size 10," said the star, who at 5ft 1 weighed 9st 9lbs.

“I’m normally really bubbly and positive, as fans of Celebs Go Dating know, but I did get a bit down because I was so out of shape," she continued.

“I knew if I was ever going to find a future husband, I needed to shift some pounds… The better I look, the better looking the man I can attract!"

After slashing her daily calorie intake from 2,300 to 1,300 by using meal replacements and enlisting the help of Bear Grylls’ personal trainer Roland Feizo, she lost three and a half inches of fat for her stomach alone, with her fat percentage falling to 21 per cent.

“I can honestly say that this has been the best thing I have ever done. I completely changed my attitude to diet and exercise and I am going carry on with the body blitz right throughout the summer," she said of the six-week plan by wellbeing firm Forza.

“I appreciate that I still have some way to go before getting fully in shape but… if I can achieve this much in just six weeks, just think what is possible over a few months.”

So that just leaves the man issue to tackle.

Having dated 100 millionaires, the posh Chelsea resident has got her eyes on the prize.

“Now I’m looking for love like the stars in my show – I’m on the look out for a future husband!” she said.

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