Naga Munchetty: BBC host reacts with savage response after viewer brands her a ‘witch’

Being a TV presenter is laden with all the perks but as with any job role, there are downsides too. When in the public eye you have to have tough skin and to know you can’t please everyone, something Naga Munchetty, 45, wore on her sleeve after she was labelled a “witch” by a disgruntled viewer.

Sending Big Love to you Rosie x

Naga Munchetty

During a recent interview on BBC Breakfast with Sean Marett, the Chief Commercial Officer of BioNTech who along with their partner Pfizer, have created a coronavirus vaccine which is being rolled out to the public as of this week, the viewer took it upon themselves to shower the BBC star with criticism of her job performance.

But she didn’t let it bother her in the slightest.

Replying to a clip from the official Twitter account of BBC Breakfast, the rude user snapped: “Nagger shut up and let people answer you are an expert on nothing except on being an overpaid biased witch!”

The derogatory misspelling of her name led people to believe the user known as ‘Rosie’ was sailing very close to the mark as they rushed to defend Naga’s honour.

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“Did you not ever learn that if you can’t say something nice, say nothing at all. In my opinion Naga is a highly intelligent, beautiful woman,” one retorted with a compliment.

Another said: “Please get the help you need Rosie. I hate to see other Suffolk folk struggling the way you obviously are. Stay safe and REMEMBER try and be kind. Although you’re obviously struggling with that at the moment.”

“I absolutely hate seeing women use words like witch towards other women. Just horrid,” complained a third.

A fourth noted: “Also Rosie… spellcheck @TVNaga01 #PutSomeRespeckOnHerName.”

A fifth tried to be the voice of reason: “Rosie you have your opinion but the truth is Naga is only trying to get these people to answer the question she asked and also If you are going to be nasty about someone at least spell their name correct.”

But Naga knew just how to deal with the online troll and hit back with a sweet message of kindness.

“Sending Big Love to you Rosie,” she wrote, with an added kiss for good measure.

BBC weather presenter Matt Taylor also replied with a message of support for his colleague: “Loves you!”

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Elsewhere, Naga left another viewer wondering whether her relationship with co-host Charlie Stayt was as “dry” as we see on-screen, after she refused to partake in his pantomime joke.

It comes after they discussed the return of the festive performing arts, with Charlie excitedly saying: “After lots of uncertainty the pantomime season has finally begun.”

He then pointed towards his co-star, as she shook her head, “No way. I’m not saying it,” she said.

Following her refusal, Charlie noted they would repeat the segment as he delivered the introduction with more enthusiasm.

He exclaimed: “Let’s do it again…” with the presenter repeating his previous lines before Naga finally caved: “Oh yes it has,” she grinned.

But the awkward moment certainly caught viewers attention, as one Twitter user questioned the pair’s on-screen back and forth.

They penned: “I can’t fathom if you two are really that dry with each other or if you aren’t fussed about each other.”

Naga cheekily replied: “Ah… The joy of a mystery eh?”

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6am on BBC One.

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