Natalie Wood’s Daughter Natasha Supports Robert Wagner Amid Rumors About Her Mom’s Death

Natasha Gregson Wagner is standing by Robert Wagner as rumors continue to swirl around her mother, Natalie Wood‘s, cause of death.

The 49-year-old actress spoke to People about her upcoming memoir “More Than Love”, and about the upcoming HBO Documentary, Natalie Wood: What Remains Behind.

“It’s outrageous and completely unacceptable that others have created this narrative about my dad and the night my mom died,” Natasha says. “I know that if my mom had been in any kind of distress he would have given his life for her. I know that as as well as I know my name.”

The official cause of Natalie‘s death was drowning by accident after she fell off a yacht on November 29, 1981.

Robert says in the documentary, which will air May 5, that “Everything went out from under me. That night has gone through my mind many times.”

He was named as a person of interest in the case in 2018.

Watch the trailer for the documentary below:

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