Nathalie Kelley To Star in Hallmark Murder Mystery Movie ‘To Catch a Spy’

Nathalie Kelley has lined up her next project with Hallmark Channel.

The Baker and the Beauty star is set to star with married couple Colin Donnell and Patti Murin in To Catch a Spy.

Here’s a summary for the film, according to ET: When the newly renovated Hotel Optima in Malta has a grand reopening, and Chloe (Kelley) and her team from Destination Traveler magazine, which includes Sara (Murin), head over to cover the travel scene in Malta.

On her first night in Malta, Chloe overhears an altercation happening through the air vent of her hotel room and then sees someone fall to their death — right past her hotel window. Chloe assists FBI agent Aaron (Donnell) working on the case, but will they catch the killer before the killer finds them?

Nathalie‘s former series, The Baker and the Beauty, is having a big moment streaming on Netflix and the cast is hopeful that the show might be revived.

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