Netflix Just Revealed the First Scene from Season 2 of ‘The Witcher’

Netflix has been enjoying teasing fans of The Witcher in recent months and now it’s really given us something to mull over.

We’ve previously had a poem, a Christmas-themed ‘slay ride’ celebration, and even an interview with one of Geralt of Rivia’s horses.

Now, the streaming service has shared the first page of the season two script as an early Witchmas present for fans.

The scene is set at night in a small mountain town, and sees a merchant man and his wife and daughter seeking lodging.

In a voiceover, Henry Cavill’s Geralt of Rivia says: “You dogged my every footstep. But struck down others I passed on my way. Why?”

The merchant then goes to inquire about a room at an inn and gets no response. Instead, he hears a loud scream and turns to find his wife gone and his daughter covered in blood.

While running towards his carriage, the merchant himself is then attacked by an unknown monster who pulls him away to his death.

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