Nic Kerdiles, Former Savannah Chrisley Fiance, Attempts Suicide; Reality Stars Rush in to Call 911

Catastrophe averted.

On Monday night, Nic Kerdiles — a former cast member on the USA Network reality show Chrisley Knows Best who was engaged at one point to Savannah Chrisley — reportedly tried to kill himself

TMZ has obtained the audio of a 911 call made by Todd Chrisley and this daughter, Savannah, who were present when Nic apparently had a gun to his own head.

Todd and Savannah believed Kerdiles was in the grips of a some sort of mental breakdown.

On this 911 call (made by an unknown friend), Savannah can be heard screaming in the background, pleading “Please, no!”

It also sounds like Todd is in the background and also yelling, “Look at what you’re doing to her!”

The emergency call was placed outside of Nic’s home in Nashville, TMZ continues. 

The caller tells the 911 operator Savannah was able to brreak a window to get inside to her ex-fiance, but she cut her hand in the process.

Eventually, the Todd and Savannah convinced Kerdiles to drop the gun… and to wait in Todd’s car until the police arrived.

“We have the gun now,” the caller tells the operator.

We cannot verify at this time what transpired after the cops got to the scene and/or where Nic is at the moment.

Nic proposed to Savannah on an episode of Chrisley Knows Best a few years ago, but the relationship came to an end in September 2020.

Just one day after the split, Nic shared a touching farewell to his ex-fiancée on Instagram.

“This woman right here has been the BIGGEST blessing in my life,” he wrote at the time.

“She has the purest heart out of anyone that I know.”

Added Kerdiles back then:

“There was so much genuine love in this relationship and I’m truly blessed to have been able to spend three years of my life with Savannah. I still look at her as the type of woman I want to spend the rest of my life with.

“She is everything one could want in a mother, daughter, wife and friend.

“I love you kid to the moon and back and God has a plan for us!”

On Wednesday night, meanwhile, Todd, Savannah and Nic appeared together in an Instagram video both Chrisleys uploaded to their social media accounts.

In the video, Todd claimed that Kerdiles was taking a medication for baldness that can cause depression when paired with alcohol, which Kerdiles didn’t dispute.

They also came across as antagonistic about the reporting of a suicide attempt, explaining that Savannah’s ex had recently suffered a bout with COVID-19.

We just hope Nic Kerdiles is doing okay today, tomorrow and moving forwardd. 

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