Nicki Minaj Performed at the 2018 MTV VMAs in the Most Epic Location

Nicki Minaj’s latest album is titled Queen and if you watched the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards, then you know the moniker definitely suits her.

Obviously, she’s the most celebrated rapper in the game. But here’s the thing about Minaj: while most people go to awards shows to rack up a few trophies, hit the stage, then go home, Nicki takes it to a whole new level — literally.

Before we explain how she did that on Monday, however, we have to describe one thing: New York City’s geography. You see, the VMAs this year were held in midtown at Radio City Music Hall, an iconic and gorgeous destination that while a wise choice, would make it exceptionally difficult for anyone ­– via train, taxi, or private card — to get anywhere downtown in minutes. For Minaj? That was a piece of cake.

After accepting the award for Best Hip-Hop Video for “Chun Li,” she rushed from the award show’s venue to The Oculus near World Trade Center. Sounds like a foreign language to you? To put it in layman’s terms, she basically did the unimaginable and somehow ran from the center of the island of Manhattan to the tippy-tippy bottom, managing to rush past traffic and all the while set up a stage inside a location that also happens to double as a major, major, major center of transportation. Simply thinking about the feat has left us feeling exhausted.


But enough about the logistics.

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Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

On stage, Ms. Queen performed for fans like a true goddess, taking up the Egyptian royal aesthetic she’s put forth for this new musical era, and masterfully rapping out new jams like “Barbie Dreams” and “Fefe” a (controversial) collaboration with 6ix9ine and Murda Beatz. Recently, she’s made headlines for tweeting about her ranking in the charts, and knocking down fellow hit makers like Travis Scott.

At least for one night, everything went without a glitch.

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