Nicole Scherzinger just pointed out the serious issue with that viral Pussycat Dolls video

Nicole Scherzinger just perfectly explained how the Pussycat Dolls have always been under sexist scrutiny, especially when it comes to “feud” rumours. 

At the end of last year, an old video of the Pussycat Dolls went viral, showing Melody Thornton singing a solo during a performance. It led to headlines like “Pussycat Dolls’ Nicole Scherzinger left fuming after Melody Thornton takes her solo in throwback video” and “Pussycat Dolls’ Melody Thornton leaves Nicole Scherzinger FUMING in VERY awkward viral throwback clip”.

The video’s virality came after the news that Thornton wouldn’t be joining Scherzinger and their old bandmates – Ashley Roberts, Carmit Bachar, Kimberly Wyatt and Jessica Sutta – for the Pussycat Dolls reunion. The group’s founder, Robin Antin, had to deny rumours of a feud, explaining that “at this time, it wasn’t right” for Thornton but that “the door was and is always open”. 

Feud rumours have constantly circulated the band, because the idea of Scherzinger refusing to share the limelight with the group has always been a running “joke”, right? 

These kind of feud rumours, which are designed to pit female band members against each other, have always existed. Just think of the Spice Girls and Girls Aloud, who are still constantly asked about this.

But, as Scherzinger just pointed out, feeding into this assumption only fuels its sexist narrative.

Speaking to The Times, Scherzinger said: “It’s sad that, with whatever people are writing out there, they pit women against each other.

“They did it with Little Mix. They don’t do that with guy groups.”

Scherzinger’s words are particularly poignant as Thornton recently talked about how the industry affected her mental health, revealing that she received therapy after the band’s split in 2009.

Talking to Australian TV show Today Extra, she said: ‘[It was] the industry in general. I wouldn’t blame it on any one thing. I was thrust into the spotlight.”

Scherzinger – who has just released new single React with the Dolls – went on to explain the criticism that the band has always faced for their performances.

“If you have people like Lizzo leading the movement of accepting yourself and they don’t get any criticism, then why are we getting this criticism? “ she asked.

“When we perform, we perform from a place of passion and power. We’re not floundering out there just trying to be cute. We come like warriors out there and people feel empowered by that.”

Whether you are a Pussycat Dolls fans or not, what both Scherzinger and Thornton’s have said about what it’s like to be a woman in the music industry need to be heard. 

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