‘No compromise!’ Saturday Morning chef James Martin slams behind scenes request

James Martin burns hole in tea towel in throwback moment

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James Martin, 49, isn’t afraid to speak his mind when it comes to what he cooks. And while healthy eating is at the forefront of many people’s minds, the Saturday Morning chef is an advocate for one thing only – good food without the compromises.

People don’t want to be lectured at, told what to eat or told to go on a b****y diet in January!

James Martin

That’s why his latest book, and a very popular one at that, is entitled Butter.

In a recent interview, James admitted he turned down his publisher’s request to write a book on home cooking, following the lengthy UK lockdown.

“I said, really? Everyone’s been stuck in the house for two years,” James scoffed.

“People don’t want to be lectured at, told what to eat or told to go on a b****y diet in January.”

So with that in mind, Butter was created.

And impressively, the whole thing was completed in nine weeks from start to finish and due to the hefty amount of orders, it was on its second reprint the week before publication.

Butter has always been a favourite of the cooks, admitting he’s spent his entire career using the natural ingredient “without compromise and without substitute”.

“Mainly because there isn’t one!” he chuckled.

Recently on his daytime cooking show, he took a look back at one of his favourite food adventures.

However, his segment was soon thrown into chaos when his tea towel caught on fire, leaving him to put it out in the lake canal behind him.

James took viewers back to L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue in France, where he served up a dish of scallops alongside the people of the town.

Speaking about the dish, James said: “Now, this is kind of the ultimate one-pot dish really, and I say the ultimate because I’m gonna use scallops at its heart.

“These fellows over here, look at these I couldn’t resist, beautiful hand-dived scallops, aren’t they fantastic!

“I’m going to serve those with just some beans and a little bit of chorizo I found this in the market, a few tomatoes, but of garlic and a bit of shallot,” he said.

He then explained to the viewers what they should do to prepare the ingredients for the meal and how much of each ingredient they would need.

As he was about to be done, he finally put in a tomato and explained: “This market is full of them, as well as shorts and tea towels, tablecloths and stuff.

“That’s why the Brits love it, why do we have an obsession with just stuff,” but as he finished speaking, he soon realised his tea towel was on fire.

Holding it up to the camera, he said: “Talking of tea towels,” he tried to blow the tea towel and also stand on it to get rid of the fire.

However, it soon ended up having to be put into the canal, leaving James to showcase a giant hole that had been made in the towel.

Sarcastically he said to the camera: “Might need a new one, we just cook that with the lid on for about five minutes, gives me enough time to buy another tea towel.”

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