‘Normal People’ Showrunners & Stars Paul Mescal & Daisy Edgar-Jones Discuss If Series Will Get a Season Two

We finally have an answer if Normal People will get a season two.

During their feature with Deadline‘s Award Line magazine, Paul Mescal, Daisy Edgar-Jones and showrunners, Ed Guiney and Lenny Abrahamson stopped fans from guessing any longer.

The short answer: no.

“We’ve talked about the possibility of how interesting it would be to check back in with them,” Lenny says of Daisy and Paul‘s charters. “But apart from just general musings and over a drink, no. There have been no concrete discussions about what it would be like. As Sally [Rooney, author] says, the book stops where it stops because it feels right. But, I have a sneaking thing in the back of my head that if everybody was willing, and if the stars aligned, I’d love to revisit them in five years and find out what happened, where they are. Is somebody a father or a mother? What relationship are they in that then get disrupted by their meeting again?”

He adds, “But it would be really strange to pick that up eight weeks later with him traveling to new York, I think. There needs to be time. You’d do it for real, you’d do it a la Before Sunset.”

Paul does have some ideas about where Connell would be in that imaginary season two.

“Connell, I believe, would potentially get married to somebody else,” he says. “It’ll destroy lots of people’s lives along the way, because ultimately they’re going to be drawn. But they will consciously resist the idea that there’re supposed to be together. It’ll be a long process of discovery until they finally find each other permanently.

Paul adds, “I really need them to be together. If Sally ever decides to do the second book or second series, I need them to be together.”

If you didn’t see, Sally‘s other book, “Conversations With Friends”, just got a straight to series order.

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