‘Nothing ever changes’ Jenny Ryan speaks out after viewer brands The Chase star ‘arrogant’

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The Chase star Jenny Ryan has taken to Instagram to speak out after receiving a hateful message on social media. The fiery-haired quizzer, 39, shared the abusive message she had received from an unhappy viewer who had taken issue with the way she appeared on the popular ITV show and branded her “arrogant”.

I bet she doesn’t message them with this criticism though

Jenny Ryan

In view of her 60,600 followers, Jenny revealed her disappointment at having received the message from the social media troll.

Sharing the post in her stories, it read: “You are so arrogant on The Chase.

“You make me change the TV as soon as you come because you think you’re better and [always] explaining things out of a question even [though] you’re wrong.

“You don’t shut up,” they ended their abusive message alongside an angry face.

Airing the post, Jenny shared her thoughts on the “criticism” she had received.

She wrote: “A calls me out for… doing exactly the same things my colleagues do.

“I bet she doesn’t message them with this criticism though.

“Nothing ever changes, sigh,” she finished.

In the next story, the star revealed that she does get sweet messages of support from her fans too.

She penned: “For balance I do get some lovely messages, this one from a contestant I faced this week.”

The participant had written: “Hi Jenny thank you for a great Chase earlier today!

“You were the main Chaser I didn’t want to go up against because you’re so good!

“But you’re also very lovely and helped me have a great experience xx,” they ended their message.

The star’s stories come a week after she took a break from social media after sharing that she had been struggling with her mental health.

Reposting a TikTok video, Jenny explained her absence to her followers.

She captioned the post, writing: “Wobbly mental health checkpoint.”

In the clip, Jenny said: “I’ve not been doing much social media for a little while, that’s because I’ve been struggling with my ‘wobbly’ mental health.”

She went on to say that January is traditionally a “really tough time” for her, mentioning things such as not getting enough daylight and political matters being partly to blame.

“So that’s not just affecting me but everyone who has wobbly mental health,” she said while managing to crack a slight smile.

She ended the video by asking her fans to reach out to a friend who they haven’t heard from in a while, adding that it would leave a “positive impact” on them.

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