Oh, to Be Lady Gaga in a Rowboat with Adam Driver

Is romance dead, a year into this here pandemic? Not according to Lady Gaga and Adam Driver on the set of their upcoming film, House of Gucci.

The costars, who play former couple Patrizia Reggiani and Maurizio Gucci (whose love story turned out quite tragically, but more on that later), were spotted on set at Lake Como this week performing sweeping romantic gestures. In one moment, Driver—in his perfectly retro wide-rimmed glasses, suit, and turtleneck—carries Gaga and her Burberry coat into a rowboat.

In another, he rows the boat himself, while Gaga sits pretty in a floral dress.

They even have a Roman Holiday moment on a Vespa.

The snaps are the latest photos from the House of Gucci set, revealing Gaga and Driver in fabulously ’80s attire and costumes. Recently, and most famously, there was this carb-loaded sighting: Gaga feeds Driver what looks like a calzone while filming. And by feeds, I mean stuffs the thing into his mouth like a concerned grandmother who insists that you’re starving.

Don’t let these photos fool you though: House of Gucci is no Notebook. The Ridley Scott–directed drama focuses on the murder of Maurizio, fashion designer Guccio Gucci’s grandson, in 1995. Patrizia, Maurizio’s wife of 12 years, was convicted and arrested for plotting his assassination and served 18 years in prison. So, yeah, it looks like the scenes Gaga and Driver are filming now are from the earlier, happier honeymoon stages of the couple’s relationship.

The story is inspired by Sarah Forden’s book, The House of Gucci: A Sensational Story of Murder, Madness, Glamour, and Greed. The cast also includes Jared Leto, Al Pacino, and Jeremy Irons. House of Gucci is set to release this November.

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