Olivia Munn Speaks Out About Anti-Asian Violence After Her Friend’s Mom Got Attacked in NYC

Olivia Munn is speaking out about anti-Asian violence.

Following a violent attack against her friend’s mother outside a bakery in New York City, the 40-year-old actress made an appearance on People TV.

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“You know, there’ve been so many attacks against the Asian community, especially the elders in our community. Over the past year, it’s been an astronomical rise. I mean, just in New York alone, it’s a 1,900% increase in just a year,” she explained.

If you didn’t know, Olivia‘s mother is refugee from Vietnam.

“Our parents have been conditioned to keep their head down, to take it on the chin, to keep going to be treated like second-class citizens,” she went on to say.

Many advocates fighting against anti-Asian violence have at least partially blamed former president Donald Trump for fueling racist sentiment by referring to coronavirus as “China virus” and “Kung Flu.”

Find out what else Olivia Munn said about stopping Asian hate.

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