Open Post: Hosted By A Getting Done In By A "Gold Shower"

A Wheel of Fortune contestant guessed incorrectly on a puzzle on Thursday night’s episode and lost her chance at a win. Those of you out there that are into pee, well, urine luck! Contestant Melanie gave the audience a poorly hidden shoutout to a sexual kink that involves not bothering to do the pee-pee dance and letting forth a stream of golden treasure! via Page Six, the puzzle read “BRIDAL & _OLD SHOWER”.

After choosing “G,” Melanie told the show’s host, Pat Sajak, that she was ready to solve the puzzle and guessed, “Bridal & gold shower.”

Vanna White managed not to side-eye kinky Melanie, and Pat Sajak kept his composure. He probably wouldn’t have if she went for the full-on “golden shower.” Melanie’s win, however, did go down the toilet.

Melanie’s “golden shower” faux pas then gave contestant Jenn the chance to solve the puzzle correctly, completing the phrase “Bridal & cold shower.”

In the clip below, the contestants sort of giggle afterward and Pat seems a little unsure what to do but they get through it. If the camera hadn’t shown the contestants after Melanie’s pissy guess, you would have thought it was “Kardashian Family Week” on Wheel and that Kim Kardashian had suddenly changed her name to “Melanie”.

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