Patrice Evra shocks fans by kissing, sucking, spanking and eating raw chicken

So this is weird.

Patrice Evra has become known for his wacky social media videos in the past, with the highlights including his dressing up as a panda, wearing all sorts of… er… ‘interesting’ wigs and playing various pranks on his mates.

But on Wednesday he took it up a notch.

Several notches.

The former Manchester United left-back – who most recently played in the Premier League with West Ham earlier this year – was quite clearly in the Thanksgiving mood as he shared his latest video update with his five million Instagram followers.

But maybe he was a bit *too* excited about the upcoming American holiday, which takes place on Thursday.

Evra – who has become known for his trademark catchphrase "I love this game" – was seen kissing, sucking, spanking and eating some RAW chicken as he danced around in front of the camera.

Along with the video, he posted: "I know it’s tomorrow but for mister #ilovethisgame it’s #thanksgiving everyday #happythanksgivng everyone #positive4evra #crazy ."

Unsurprisingly, much of the reaction to the quite incredible video focused on Evra potentially making himself ill with what he was doing with the chicken. Maybe even too ill to enjoy thanksgiving when it rolls around on Thursday.

On Instagram, the comments came in thick and fast.

One user, ‘jaymesssssss’ wrote: "I can feel the salmonella poisoning in my own body Jesus Christ."

‘bentaylor988’ added the simple question: "Ever heard of salmonella?", with tye_ty12 adding the ominous: "Food poisoning tomorrow."

‘thanasimakris’ simply added: "Bro, salmonella", with ‘kyze_7’ going for the more forthright "There’s funny and then there’s f***ing stupid. This is just f***ing stupid."

It remains to be seen how Evra’s body reacts to his latest antics, but all we can really do after watching the bizarre footage is say one thing.

Don’t try this at home.

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