Pete Davidson Just Joked About Having Sex With His Mom and I Don't Know What to Do With This Information

If you were wondering what Saturday Night Live star and Alexander Wang model Pete Davidson has been up to since breaking up with Ariana Grande and very publicly making out with Kate Beckinsale, the answer is…still living with his mom and making jokes about it!

Back in May, Pete talked about the living situation on SNL, saying, “This is going to be a special Mother’s Day for me, because this year, she’s not just my mom, she’s also my roommate…I know what people think. They see you on TV and magazines and stuff and they think, ‘Wow, that guy must have a place.’ Nope! But it’s not like I moved into her house. I just bought a house with my mom, like a winner.”

And when Pete made an appearance on Tan France’s show Dressing Funny earlier this week, he once again made his mom the subject of his comedic fodder, but this time it turned dark. I’ll just write out the transcript here for you:

Oy. Taking the joke TOO FAR there, Pete! I hope for Pete’s mom’s sake that she doesn’t choose to watch the clip, but if you want to, here it is:

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