Peter Sarsgaard Describes His Role in ‘The Batman’ as ‘Very Intense’

Peter Sarsgaard has opened up about about his role as District Attorney Gil Colson in The Batman.

The 49-year-old actor spoke to Observer about the movie and detailed his intense part in it.

“My part is very intense. On a big show like that my main concern was that I would have to do it 150 times—this intense scene and then that intense scene,” Peter shared. “My character is at nine out of ten for a lot of it. That was going through my head a lot, like ‘How do I maintain this?’”

He also opened up about filming the movie, opposite Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz, which was shut down due to the pandemic.

“The bigger something is the harder it is to keep it pure in terms of vision. And honestly, with Matt Reeves, on The Batman, he can do it… It’s just such a spectacle,” Peter continued. “Even on set it’s kind of amazing to see the total professionalism of everyone in their jobs. It’s all the best people at everything. We were there when all the Academy Award stuff was happening and so many people on that movie were up for or received an Academy Award. It was kind of preposterous. You feel like you’re in great hands.”

Recently, Peter opened up about the status of going back to The Batman set.

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