Photos Of North West’s Birthday Cake Will Make You Jealous If You Love Sweets

Birthday parties back in the day were absolutely incredible, especially as a 5-year-old. Between music, games, and pizza, there was no possible way to get bored… and the best part was obviously cake time. Whether said cake was homemade, or if it was a classic Fudgie the Whale ice cream cake, I definitely didn’t — and still don’t — discriminate in the world of sweets. But once you see photos of North West’s birthday cake, you’ll get major FOMO. It looked so freaking amazing.

On Friday, June 15, North West celebrated her birthday in New York City, according to TMZ. They reportedly met up with a few family members and friends at Polo Bar for dinner to celebrate the 5-year-old (which looked like a blast), but the best part had to have been the cake. Once you see it, you’ll honestly be blown away.

According to Kim Kardashian’s Instagram Story, dessert consisted of two different birthday cakes. The first of the two looked exactly like a cheeseburger, complete with two "buns," a "patty," "cheese," "pickles," and "ketchup," and it was topped with tiny "sesame seeds." Watching North blow out the candles was super cute, and am beyond jealous. This cake is so up my alley.

Kim gave North a totally cute birthday shoutout on Instagram yesterday too, and if you have a heart, you’ll probably tear up a little bit. In the photo, Kim K and North appear to be crafting, and North looks like a freaking princess. Kim refers to her as her "best friend for life," and it’s honestly so worth looking at right now.

I’d always give a birthday cake five stars, but North’s knocked the ball out of the park. The pictures and videos of her cake are so gorgeous, and I’m honestly very jealous. While I’m wishing North the happiest of birthdays, I really just hope I get an invite next year.

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