Piers Morgan rages at Tony Blair for ‘bowing to woke mob’ in ‘humiliating’ GMB interview

Tony Blair discusses 'minefield' of language on mental health

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Piers Morgan, 56, has hit out at Tony Blair, 68, for “bowing to the woke mob”, in an interview on Good Morning Britain today. The ex-Labour Prime Minister joined Susanna Reid and Alastair Campbell on the ITV programme, where he was quizzed by the latter about comments he had made about him in his memoirs.

Morgan admitted that he had been an admirer of Blair up until his interview on the show, claiming the former Labour leader “cowed into supine silence by cancel culture”.

The ex-GMB host explained that despite his faults he had previously supported Blair’s willingness to speak his mind “until now”.

Writing in his latest column for MailOnline, Morgan raged at Blair for not saying what he thinks out of fear of being cancelled.

It comes after Alastair, who suffers from depression, scolded the former Labour leader, suggesting that he had used stereotypical language when speaking about mental health.

Reading out an extract, Alastair said: “You said that there are two types of crazy people, there are crazy people who are just dangerous, and there are crazy people who are creative and give you energy and ideas, and that’s Alastair’s type of craziness.”

Addressing his former colleague, he quizzed: “Do you accept that’s a tad stereotyping of mental health?”

“Yes,” Blair replied, “but it’s probably better than if I’d put you in the former category.”

He continued: “I am afraid I am of an age where I am now terrified if I can talk about any of these subjects that I am going to say something that I should not say.”

He added: “It is a minefield on virtually everything. If you are of a certain generation, you are not sure what you can or what you can’t say.

“Or whether you can make a joke about something you cannot make a joke, so I will leave it at that.”

Reacting to Blair’s comments, Morgan was left “stunned” as he slammed the former politician, branding the interview a “humiliating spectacle”.

He penned: “Here was one of the most famous world leaders for the past 50 years bowing to the woke mob and admitting he dare not say what he thinks for fear of being cancelled.


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“Blair may as well have taken both knees to them while he was at it and begged for pre-emptive mercy lest he say anything in the rest of the interview that might upset them.”

Morgan added: “There were several ironies to this humiliating spectacle.”

The columnist explained that Alastair had previously referred to himself as “crazy” in an interview with UK tech firm Plexal, where the political adviser wrote: “There is no better feeling than that energy that you have when you’re a bit kind of crazy and a bit manic.”

Morgan also noted the “second irony” where Blair had addressed the dangers of cancel culture.

In an article for New Statesman, the latter urged liberal leaders to stand up to and stop “being backed into electorally off-putting positions” with regard to cultural issues.

Morgan claimed that if Blair is “too scared” to speak out on issues about mental health, gender, or race, out of fear of upsetting the woke brigade, then “the mob’s battle is nearly won”.

The former GMB host has been vocal in recent weeks about cancel culture, after he stepped down from his role on the ITV show.

He refused to apologise for his comments he made about Meghan Markle on mental health and race during her tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey, which aired in March.


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