Piers Morgan says celebrities have been ‘put back in their box’ by coronavirus and calls Harry and Meghan ‘irrelevant’

Everyone’s favourite Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan has blamed celebrities.

The 55 year old journalist has claimed that many stars have been "put firmly back in their box" during the coronavirus crisis and says nobody cares about them any more.

The outspoken host also praised our vital NHS workers and hailed them as the new heroes of the day.

Speaking to the Sun’s TV Mag he said: "I don’t miss the celebrity stuff at all – celebrities have been put firmly back in their box.

"The real stars are the health workers. They’re the people that we need to value highest.”

Never one to mince his words, Piers sounded off on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle branding them "utterly irrelevant”.

He said: "I don’t really care about them anymore. They seem so utterly irrelevant, stuck in their rented Hollywood mansion, desperately trying to get attention.

"Doing stupid lawsuits and whining about the media. No one cares.”

Piers may divide viewers with his opinions, but he delighted a large portion of them with the news that he would be returning to GMB next year.

He said: “I’ve just signed a new contract up for GMB until the end of next year. I love working with Susanna and the team – we’re a Ying Yang that works.”

The star said of the backlash: “If my style upsets people, don't watch! Watch something else.

“Nobody's forcing anyone to watch it. You've got a remote control in your hand, I really don't understand what the problem is.”

However, although there were many Ofcom complaints the media regulator have cleared him of all them.

The seasoned journalist also explained that he only actually minds about the complaints to Ofcom if he believes he is actually “at fault”.

Piers shared that it is all just part of his profession, explaining: “Ofcom ruled very heavily in my favour, which confirmed my belief that I'm just doing my job.

"The job of broadcasters, particularly during a crisis like this, is to challenge and ask questions."

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