The Popular $3 Snacks Gabrielle Union Serves at Book Club 

For Gabrielle Union, who débuted her first collection of essays last year, the bond shared with fellow book lovers is unmatched. “It’s comforting to be around people who love reading as much as I do,” says the star of Breaking In. “Sometimes I’ll reference a book, and it’s just crickets. So I really appreciate being with others who share my passion for words.”

Thanks to her busy travel schedule, Union is able to keep up with all of the latest bestsellers. “I’m always on a plane, so there’s never an excuse not to read,” she says.

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Here, Union gets real about her book club must-haves, from her super-relatable snack choices (hello, Cheetos) to her favorite flowers (they’re faux!). Scroll down for her top picks.

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“Things I want to serve? Cheetos, spicy sunflower seeds, Tito’s Tacos, and candy. But everyone has so many dietary restrictions these days, you can only serve air and water.” 

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The Idea of You is so freaking good, I’ve already been casting it as a TV series or film in my mind. The Autobiography of Malcolm X literally changed my life; I reread it every year. And Americanah is a beautiful and epic romance that covers so many relevant issues.” 

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Bedrock Apparel


“Book club calls for the comfiest of comfy sweats, and I’m really into these Bedrock sweatshirts right now. They feel like clouds on the inside.” 

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“The soundtrack depends on where the book takes place. Right now I’m reading The Wedding Date. It’s a California story, so I’d keep things spicy with a little hip-hop mix from the late ’80s and early ’90s.” 

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“I like to serve Casamigos tequila.” 

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The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory. When I first saw the cover, I was like, ‘Oh my God, that’s something I would want to read.’ I picked it up the next day and started reading on the plane.”

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“My studded Valentino is just massive enough to fit everything.” 

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Inspiring Authors

“Roxane Gay looms large when I’m reading; and she definitely looms large when I’m writing. She conveys really difficult subject matter in a way that so many people can understand and relate to. She’s always sort of in my consciousness. I had also read books by Mindy Kaling and Issa Rae before I started writing, and their honesty and humor inspired me to tell some of the more difficult truths that I was debating whether or not to share.”

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Functional Footwear

“Ugg boots are perfect for book club. I like to feel like my feet are wrapped in cotton.”

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Faux Florals

“Most of my friends have allergies, and I’ve found that nobody notices when I put out fake flowers. Plus, they’re a lot cheaper and they last a lot longer. Like, flowers are freakin’ expensive. So if you’re ballin’ on a budget and you want a pop of color, go down to Home Goods and buy some fake flowers. They won’t cause anyone to have allergies and for the few people who are sober enough to notice during book club, they’ll appreciate the pop of color in the corner of the room.”

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