Prince Charles Reveals a Detail About Prince William & Kate Middleton’s Wedding We Didn’t Know!

Prince Charles revealed a detail about Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton‘s wedding back in 2011 that we previously did not know! Turns out, Prince Charles curated some classical music that was played at the major event!

“I love trying to organize some interesting, I hope, pieces of music for certain occasions…particularly for weddings if people want,” the 71-year-old heir to the throne told Classic FM. “I know my eldest son was quite understanding and was perfectly happy for me to suggest a few pieces for their wedding.”

He added, “I hope that gave some people pleasure, but it’s rather fun having orchestras in for great occasions like that, and why not suggest a few pieces occasionally? Anyway… I do enjoy it.”

Look back at the couple’s royal wedding if you missed it!

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