Prince William is frustrated that The Crown will dramatize Dianas interview

This needs to continue to be pointed out and repeated: Martin Bashir’s manipulative actions caused Princess Diana to choose him as interviewer and that’s it. Bashir did not provide Diana with a script, nor was he the one to convince her to give an interview in general. Diana wanted to give an interview. She had a narrow window of time in which to give an interview. She was approached by different journalists, and she chose Bashir based on the falsified documents and rumors. If Bashir had not done that, Diana likely would have gone to another journalist and/or another broadcaster. I hate this revisionist history that “if not for Bashir, none of this would have happened.” That’s what Prince Charles wants people to believe. That’s what Prince William wants people to believe.

I bring this up because, as we discussed this week, The Crown’s producers have confirmed that they’re devoting an entire episode in Season 5 to Diana’s Panorama interview. It should be good, and I’m looking forward to it. But of course Kensington Palace – and Clarence House, I would imagine – is full of bitterness. William stood up in May and bashed the BBC and Martin Bashir for his mother’s interview and the BBC apparently promised to never air it again. Okay, but The Crown is doing a dramatization! Still, Willy is furious. Frustrated. Peeved. Incandescent with rage.

Prince William is ‘frustrated’ at The Crown’s ‘commercialisation’ of Martin Bashir’s notorious interview with his mother Princess Diana which he believes holds ‘no legitimacy’ and should never be aired again. The Duke of Cambridge is understood to be deeply frustrated by broadcasters who have cashed in on the interview, in which Diana infamously said, ‘There were three of us in this marriage’.

He slammed the BBC sit down in May, saying: ‘It is my firm view that this Panorama programme holds no legitimacy and should never be aired again. It effectively established a false narrative which, for over a quarter of a century, has been commercialised by the BBC and others.’

Following news a recreation will now be aired on Netflix, a royal source told the Telegraph: ‘His words still stand.’

Despite the wave of criticism, insiders said The Crown will include an episode on it after millions were said to have been spent on the pivotal part of the upcoming instalment.

An entire episode in the upcoming fifth series will be dedicated to the shocking sit down despite the Prince Harry signing a £112million deal with the streaming service for him and his wife Meghan. The royal has been scathing of the Panorama show, which was first shown in 1995 and saw his mother air her dirty laundry on Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles. He branded it ‘unethical’ and claimed the interview triggered the events that caused his mother to lose her life two years later.

Despite this, Prince Harry’s bosses at Netflix insist the special episode will go ahead as planned, according to senior sources. The insiders told the Sun newspaper last night: ‘The Crown’s creators see the interview as the keystone moment in series five. To the writers, the stormy marriage between Charles and Di led up to her outpouring on Panorama, and the aftermath of that decision defined her final months. They are making a huge investment in that. The Crown has a track record of delving into areas of the Royal Family’s history they’d rather be left alone.’

Royal expert Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty Magazine, said: ‘This would be extremely upsetting and the only protection ­William has is not to watch it.’

Meanwhile royal commentator Margaret Holder added: ‘William was ­dismayed at the time. It is also embarrassing for Harry.’

[From The Daily Mail]

I don’t understand this emphasis on “The Crown has made a huge investment in this.” While The Crown is super-expensive (it is prestige programming and a centerpiece show for Netflix), it’s not like dramatizing the Diana-Panorama interview is some crazy-expensive process. It would literally just be two actors (one of them Elizabeth Debicki) in a room, acting like Bashir and Diana. The Mail acts like The Crown will need to rent out Versailles for this.

As for William’s “frustration,” that’s something else I don’t understand – The Crown is not airing the same interview, they’re dramatizing it because it IS history and a historical artifact. And William worked with the BBC for Keenshot just months after he ripped them to shreds for the Bashir interview too, I hope he’s incandescent with rage at himself. But how dare Harry, huh?

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