Psychiatrist told Britney Spears was Overmedicated, Advocates Ending Conservatorship

A renowned psychiatrist says he was asked earlier this year to determine if Britney Spears was overmedicated to the point she wasn’t lucid … and he makes an interesting case on how the conservatorship should end … with one string attached.

Dr. Charles Sophy appeared on “TMZ Live” Tuesday and revealed around 8 or 10 months ago someone on Britney’s team approached him to come and evaluate her medication.

Sophy says there was clearly a concern Britney was being excessively pumped full of drugs … to the point she was not able to clearly speak for herself.

Sophy declined the invite … because he didn’t want to get involved in what he felt was a power struggle over the conservatorship. But, the good doc felt bad for Britney because he says IF she was in fact overmedicated it creates a vicious cycle she can’t escape.

Dr. Sophy had an interesting idea … end the conservatorship but attach one string — that Britney must check in with the court from time to time to make sure she’s taking her meds.  Otherwise, she should be free to live her life on her own terms, without a conservatorship.

Jamie Spears and Britney’s lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, have been going at it in legal docs, and Wednesday’s hearing promises to be contentious.

Also, we’ll be launching the first of many TMZ podcasts Wednesday after the hearing to go over what went down in court and what it means for the future.

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