Queen’s Brian May Thanks Fans For Support After Altercation With Cameraman

Brian May thanked fans for their support and asked for an apology after an altercation with the cameraman from Australia’s Channel 7.

The Queen guitarist admitted that after his angry outburst in Brisbane, he is struggling with anger and depression.

May described the incident elaborately in an emotional statement he posted on social media.

“There’s a fine line between anger and depression, and I’ve been struggling with all of that since I got ambushed and harassed by a TV News team, fresh off the plane from New Zealand,” he wrote on Instagram.

“I’ve interacted with literally thousands of news reporters, photographers and cameramen over the last 50 years. I’m not exactly known for being aggressive, even in the face of provocation, but this guy caught me unawares,” he said, describing the cameraman as “one of the rudest and most disrespectful video cameramen” he has ever encountered.

May said after the incident he realized that he had “walked straight into a trap.”

“The guy now had what he wanted. He could cook this up into a story in which I was portrayed as an attacker on an innocent victim of a newsman. He possessed the only footage of the incident, so he or his bosses could edit it any way they wanted, to make me look like I lost my rag for no reason. And that, predictably, is exactly what Channel 7 did,” according to the English musician.

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