Rachel Bilson Talks Co-Parenting with Ex Hayden Christensen During COVID-19

Rachel Bilson is opening up about co-parenting with Hayden Christensen during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The pair share daughter Briar Rose, 6. Rachel and Hayden were together from 2007 to 2017.

First, she addressed that Hayden is being very good about COVID-19 guidelines, saying on the Betches Moms podcase, “Luckily [my daughter’s] dad is pretty hardcore with [the COVID restrictions].”

“But you have to trust each other and you are bubbled up,” she said. She added that Hayden had been in his native Canada for some of the pandemic.

“But it’s also nice because she’s had the opportunity to have another house to go and not be stuck in our house the entire time so I’m grateful for that and we’ve just handled it. Survival mode,” she added.

If you missed it, check out these adorable photos of Briar Rose with her dad!

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