Rachel Riley says she’s hoping to beat Carol Vorderman’s 26 year run on Countdown

Rachel Riley may have been on Countdown for 13 years now, but she's got no plans to step away from the show.

The star, 35, tells OK! that she plans to stay on the maths-based show "as long as they'll have me."

Rachel, who is currently pregnant with her second child with husband Pasha Kovalev, spoke to OK! ahead of the release of her new maths guide for adults called At Sixes And Sevens.

When asked if she was prepared for the overnight fame joining Countdown in 2008 brought her, Rachel said: "I’m grateful that it was in the time before social media.

"I wouldn't fancy having a TV debut now, with people constantly sending in their opinions. But the Countdown team were fantastic and they chose me because they thought I could do the job, even though I'd never done any presenting or performing."

Rachel continued to add that her focus was to "just get the maths right." She added: "And then everything else would follow in time. And hopefully it has! I’ve been appearing on the show for 13 years now."

Speaking about whether she'd like to beat Carol Voderman's 26 year run on the show, Rachel said: "I'll stay as long as they’ll have me. I love the numbers game. I also love the show.

"I used to watch Countdown after school with my little brother. And now we get teenagers on who’ve only known the show since I’ve been doing it."

The star is currently overdue with her second baby and said she's got plastic sheeting "down everywhere" as she prepares to give birth at home.

"Touch wood, as long as everything goes smoothly, I’ll be giving birth in our bathroom again," Rachel who is also mum to 23-month-old daughter Maven with her professional dancer partner husband Pasha Kovalev.

She added: "I've got plastic sheeting down everywhere."

Rachel, who tweeted on Halloween saying she was "10 days overdue", also had a home birth with Maven back in December 2019.

Speaking of the impromptu labour, she told OK! : "Our daughter arrived so quickly that the midwives said, “Don’t even try to make it to the hospital this time.

"The midwives arrived with just 20 minutes to spare and I gave birth in our bathroom. I was pleading with Pasha to get the baby out – and that’s because I was almost there.

"But it was only when the doula arrived and said, “Put your hand down there”, that I realised Maven’s head was emerging."

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