Raiven Adams Fights Back Against Bear Brown Custody Demands: He’s Unstable!

On March 9 of this year, Raiven Adams gave birth to her precious baby boy.

Despite initially denying paternity, Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown is now demanding custody — and Raiven is fighting back.

River Anthony was born prematurely and underweight on Monday, March 9.

His urgently needed care upon being born was covered through Medicaid.

According to Raiven Adams, Bear did not even get back to her about his son being born for days.

Court records show that, three days after Raiven gave birth, he went to court with his attorney and filed documents to disestablish paternity.

After those court documents became public knowledge, Bear faced intense backlash from fans.

He quickly claimed that he is not a deadbeat dad and never intended to disestablish paternity.

Bear tried to convince fans that the documents, filled out with his attorney, were a paperwork mistake.

But then he went and got a paternity test anyway and, to no one’s surprise except perhaps his own, yes, Bear really is the baby daddy.

Bear wants to share custody of River. But that won’t be the case if Raiven has her way.

“It is in the best interests of the minor child that defendant Raiven Adams have sole legal custody,” court documents read.

Court papers filed by Raiven’s attorney say the same about the importance of her having “primary physical custody.”

Raiven does suggest that Bear might have “restricted visitation” with River.

That may sound harsh at first glance.

Because it so often does not happen, our culture socializes us to find it endearing when a father fights for custody of his child.

However, Raiven’s concerns over Bear’s qualifications as a parent are likely the exact same things that caused their breakup.

And, of course, the same issues that caused her to file for and be granted an emergency restraining order.

In her filing for a restraining order, Raiven accused Bear of using cocaine.

According to her, he claimed to her that this was to blame for his erratic behavior that she had found so alarming.

That behavior, Raiven described in court documents, included verbal and emotional abuse.

Bear also allegedly threatened her with a firearm, claiming that laws and regulations did not apply to her.

Bear also allegedly taunted Raiven, saying that his family’s fame meant that Discovery would back him in any potential conflict.

Raiven said that, most worryingly of all, she more than once awoke to the strong smell of gas in the home that she shared with Bear.

She was pregnant and gas is dangerous for multiple reasons.

Raiven said that Bear seemed amused and unconcerned, which has obvious alarming implications.

Bear and Raiven were friends before they were lovers.

It was a short time after they revealed their relationship to Alaskan Bush People fans that Bear proposed to Raiven.

They ended up breaking off their engagement … but not before Raiven became pregnant.

In fact, it was almost immediately after their breakup that she discovered that she was expecting.

They tried to make it work multiple times, to no avail, given the problems that Raiven listed in her restraining order filing.

In the end, even remaining friends did not work out for them, as Raiven had fears about her safety.

Now, Bear wants to have River half of the time, but she clearly believes that this is not in her son’s best interests.

The odds are clearly stacked against her, but she’s not afraid to fight for her baby’s future.

Bear, in the mean time, appears to have engaged in a degree of PR crisis management.

He has vocally assured fans that he is not a coke fiend, claiming that he does not use cocaine.

Bear has also sidestepped issues like why he seemed to ignore his son’s birth for days.

And, as we mentioned, he claims that he never doubted paternity.

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