Randy Travis, Wife Mary Reflect On 2016 Performance Of ‘Amazing Grace’

Randy Travis and his wife Mary have reflected on the country music superstar’s performance of “Amazing Grace” at his induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2016.

The couple opened up during an interview with Dan Rather for “The Big Interview with Dan Rather,” which aired on AXS TV on Wednesday, January 27.

Travis with the help of his wife explained his road to recovery from a stroke and how he regained his mobility, speech, and singing.

“That’s where a little girl named Tracy, who had a music degree, would come in on her lunch hour, bring her keyboard and started teaching Randy melody and song again,” Mary explained. “She started teaching him ‘Amazing Grace’… and the words all came back to him.”

“We spent about two months on just the letter A,” she recalls, “but when we got A down, then the next letters and vowels seemed to come exponentially.”

“We spent probably six hours a day running through that song trying to get through all four verses and learning the words,” Mary continued. “I think when I put that microphone in his hand, he became Randy Travis again. It was absolutely beautiful.”

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