Rapper NLE Choppa Shoots His Baby Mama’s House While Daughter Is Inside

During an Instagram Live stream, Mariah shows a picture of her garage that is damaged because of the 17-year-old rapper when he tries to see their baby daughter.

AceShowbizNLE Choppa and his baby mama apparently are on good terms only for a short time. It’s recently been reported that the teenage rapper is facing felony charges as Mariah accused him of shooting her mother’s house while their daughter was inside.

During an Instagram Live session, Choppa alleged that the two got into an altercation since Mariah didn’t let him see their child Clover and forced him out of the house. However, she has since debunked the speculation and accused the 17-year-old star of “playing victim.”

She later added during her own Live stream that she never prevented him from seeing their daughter and that she only told him to wait until her mom was home before he could see the little one. As for the reason why, she believed that her mom could help eliminate problems between them and help him while he was downstairs with Clover.

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Responding to Choppa claiming that she hit him, Mariah stressed that the rapper was the one who attacked her and tried to force his way into the house. “You attack us. You came in my house, in my mama’s house. …He already pushed me away from the front door,” she said, before revealing that he then shot at her house when Clover was inside. To prove that she was not lying, she showed her viewers a picture of the damage Choppa allegedly did to her garage.

During the altercation, Mariah claimed that her stepdad called the police, who later charged him with domestic violence, burglary and vandalism.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time things like this happened between Choppa and Mariah. Earlier this year, the former bragged about shooting his baby mama before she got pregnant with their baby. However, he later apologized to Mariah by saying, “Wanna apologize for certain things I said toward the mother of my child. No we not together but we both know how important it is to have positive vibes around the baby. So ready for this girl to change the perspective on my life. Can’t wait til I meet you clover, ON GRAPE.”

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