Reason why Mane doesn’t get on with one of the Liverpool coaches

Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane took part in a Q&A this week – in the hope it would make the international break a little less painful for everyone.

The pair took part in a ‘Mr and Mrs’ style game in which one was asked questions about the other while they had headphones on, so they couldn’t hear the answers.

The person with the headphones on would later be asked the same question about themselves to see if the answers match – to determine whether they truly are ‘bezzies’.

In the Q&A we learnt everything from how Salah takes his coffee to what Mane’s favourite physical feature is. And we also learnt that Mane isn’t exactly best pals with one of Liverpool’s backroom staff members.

In the clip below, Salah is asked to reveal Mane’s favourite member of staff at Melwood out of ‘Dave the fitness coach, Mona the nutritionist and Carol the canteen legend.’

Answering the question, Salah says: "His favourite is not Dave. Mona, she’s very nice, everyone loves her. She’s so cool and she’s helpful."

Mane later takes his headphones off and the pair go back over the question and Salah’s answer, with the Egyptian adding: "I said not Dave, 100 per cent, not Dave. They are not friends."

Mane chimes in with a "in a good way" to reassure the viewers, before Salah adds: "Because of the recovery session after a game, you like to recover easy, and he’s [Mane] always complaining."

Chiming in a for a second time, Mane adds: "He told me I’m like his little brother, always complaining!"

The clip concludes with Salah telling Mane he picked Mona the nutritionist, to which the former Southampton man nods his approval.

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