Rebekah Vardy fails to smile as she heads to Dancing On Ice training

Rebekah Vardy fails to raise a smile as she heads to Dancing On Ice training after court documents revealed Coleen Rooney fan blackmailed her with sex tape claims and trolls accused her of being an ISIS leader

  • Lawyers for both Wags agreed to pause legal proceedings until February 8 
  • Two women will now made a ‘final attempt’ to resolve issue outside of court
  • Rebekah’s lawyers say Coleen’s posts were an ‘unjustified defamatory attack’ 

Rebekah Vardy failed to raise a smile when she arrived at Dancing On Ice training on Friday. 

The 38-year-old was wrapped in a black padded coat and leggings and clutched a coffee cup as she walked into the National Ice Centre in Nottingham.

Her outing comes after court documents revealed a Coleen Rooney fan tried to blackmail her with sex tape claims and she was accsed of being an ISIS leader as her libel case with her WAG nemesis, 34, rumbled on. 

Pensive: Rebekah Vardy failed to raise a smile as she headed to Dancing On Ice training on Friday after court documents reveal Coleen Rooney fan blackmailed her with sex tape claims 

Deep in thought: Moreover, trolls had outrageously accused Vardy of being an ISIS leader and being involved in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann amid her libel WAG war

As she got back to work for the ice skating show which begins in the new year, on ITV, Rebekah looked deep in thought as she wheeled a suitcase behind her. 

She’s set to battle it out on the ice against Myleene Klass, Denise Van Outen and Jason Donovan.  

This comes more than a year after Coleen took to Instagram to accuse someone with access to Rebekah Vardy’s account of sharing stories about her to The Sun.

She had acted as a detective, sharing false stories on her private Instagram account, making them only visible to Vardy’s account – and they later appeared in the papers. 

No doubt Rebekah had a lot on her mind on Friday after it was reported an army of Rooney-supporting trolls subjected her to ridiculous false allegations.  

They included the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and being the new leader of ISIS – including one who threatened to leak a sex tape and claims about her footballer husband Jamie.

An anonymous individual wrote to Mrs Vardy in October 2019 demanding that she pay 2.5 bit coins in return for the tapes not being made public, according to documents supporting her libel claim. 

Battle: Coleen has revealed she is confident of winning her libel battle against Vardy but regrets that it has got ‘this far’ as the case rumbled on at the High Court 

It declared: ‘Hey Becki, For now I will be anonymous but represent Coleen’s Army. Coz it is payback time! This is very serious and if this leaks out there, it will be the end of you and Jamie.

‘I have evidence of Jamie’s infidelity. Not only that, and what’s worse, I even have the nudes and the sex videos. Yours, of course.’

The messenger then demands 2.5 bitcoins and threatens: ‘If I do not hear from you by this time tomorrow I will leak online and anonymously forward this evidence to the media.’

All the abuse was said in court papers to have made her feel suicidal, prompting three trips to hospital due to her anxiety, and sparking concerns about either going into early labour or losing her baby due to the stress.

The messages were disclosed in her libel action against Coleen over her apparent sleuthing work over stories leaked to a newspaper.

Getting on with it: As she got back to work for the ice skating show which begins in the new year, on ITV, Rebekah looked deep in thought as she wheeled a suitcase behind her

She claimed to have posted false stories on her Instagram and narrowed the audience to just Mrs Vardy’s profile to see if they appeared in the tabloid.

When they did she posted a message on Twitter alleging she had found the culprit, famously ending the message with ‘It’s ……………. Rebekah Vardy’s account.’

She denied the accusations and launched the libel claim in response.

Mrs Vardy’s written claim, filed in June, detailed the ‘very high levels of public abuse and ridicule’ against her and its impact.

Her barrister Hugh Tomlinson QC said: ‘The claimant has suffered extreme distress, hurt, anxiety and embarrassment as a result of the publication of the post and the events which followed.

‘The abuse that followed the post made the claimant feel suicidal. She suffered from severe panic attacks and anxiety which manifested in being scared to leave her house.’

The filing detailed some of the ways Mrs Rooney’s post was reported and repeated on social media.

Following a tweet from Donald Trump, some users joked that Mrs Vardy was the new leader of the so-called Islamic State terror group, while others later said she was involved in the disappearance of Madeline McCann.

Mr Tomlinson added: ‘Following the police announcing that a new suspect had been identified in the disappearance of Madeline McCann, the claimant (Mrs Vardy) was the subject of a number of highly distressing publications on Twitter alleging she was the suspect.’

Social media users also posted that Mrs Vardy was involved in a potential hack of the mobile video-conferencing app Houseparty in March this year.

The dramatic ending to Mrs Rooney’s post was also parodied on social media, including on the account of Jeremy Corbyn, then-leader of the Labour Party.

‘Now I know for certain which individual is selling off our NHS. It’s …………. Boris Johnson,’ Mr Corbyn wrote on the day of last year’s general election.

Mrs Vardy’s husband Jamie, a Leicester City striker, was also targeted.

Mr Tomlinson wrote: ‘Opposition supporters chanted taunts directed at him in the weeks following the publication of the post, including ‘your wife is a grass’ and ‘Becky Vardy’s a grass’.

Keeping out the cold: She wore a black padded coat and leggings for her low-key outing 

‘Many of the chants continued for up to five minutes and were repeated several times throughout the 90-minute match.’

Mrs Vardy’s lawyers argue that Mrs Rooney’s post created a ‘highly damaging, false and permanent ‘digital footprint” about her that has since become embedded in public discourse and continues to affect her.

Mr Tomlinson added: ‘The claimant never knows when or where she might be faced with the allegation or reference to the post which causes her great anxiety and upset.’

Ouch! The ‘Wagatha Christie’ saga began a year ago when Coleen tweeted that she had secretly planted three fake stories on Instagram in the months before, but said she blocked all her followers except Rebekah from seeing them 

Mrs Rooney has denied any wrongdoing.

In her written defence filed in October, Mrs Rooney’s lawyers argued her post was ‘entirely legitimate and justified’ and said the stories had been derived from Mrs Vardy’s account, rather than her directly.

Earlier it was revealed the two were to come face-to-face in a final attempt to settle their high-profile legal battle, it emerged today – as the High Court heard how both women are ‘sad’ the row has come so far.

At the start of their libel case at London’s High Court today, lawyers for both WAGs agreed a stay on the case until 8 February so that mediation can take place between them.

The trial was expected to be scheduled for next summer following a preliminary hearing today before Mr Justice Warby.

But Hugh Tomlinson QC, representing Rebekah told the judge: ‘The parties have agreed subject to your lordship’s views that there should be one final attempt to resolve this after the conclusion to this preliminary hearing.’

He added: ‘There will be a stay until 8 February to allow time for mediation to take place.’

David Sherborne, representing Coleen told the court that she had offered to mediate with Rebekah and felt ‘sad’ because the time and money could be better spent than taking part in costly legal proceedings.

Can’t resolve it: The ladies have tried and failed to mediate outside of court, with Coleen saying the £1million court costs could be better spent elsewhere 

Mr Sherborne said: ‘Mrs Rooney says that Mrs Vardy was responsible for the leak of the stories to The Sun but she’s equally sad that this matter has got to court.

‘She’s been drawn into this litigation despite offering to mediate. The time and expense on this litigation at a time of life-changing events could be better spent.’

Both sides are to return to the High Court after 8 February, where they will discuss costs and further details of a full trial if Coleen and Rebekah are unable to resolve their differences in the mediation process.

Rebekah, wife of Leicester City and England striker Jamie Vardy, launched a £1m High Court libel action after Coleen accused her in an Instagram post a year ago of leaking stories about her and others to the media.

In court documents, she has denied being ‘The Secret Wag,’ the Sun newspaper’s source of stories about Coleen and other footballers’ partners.

During the preliminary hearing, Mr Justice Warby heard arguments from both lawyers on whether Coleen was directly blaming Rebekah or her Instagram account and whoever was involved with it.

Happy couple: Rebekah is married to Leicester and England stirker Jamie, and the couple share children Sofia, five, Finley, three, and Olivia, 11 months

On Friday he will rule on whether he believes Coleen was blaming Rebekah or the social media account.   

Mr Sherborne told the court that apart from Rebekah, others who had use of her Instagram account was her husband Jamie, her PR agent and his social media manager.

Mr Sherborne told the court that it was ‘common knowledge’ that celebrities alone did not operate their own social media accounts.

A document submitted to the court by Coleen’s legal team stated: ‘Coleen is pointing the finger of blame at the account, not the Claimant.’

Home time: Rebekah failed to raise a smile as she left rehearsals and hugged pro partner Andy Buchanan goodbye 

It adds: ‘The source of the leaks of the Defendant’s private information was the Claimant’s account. 

‘The emphasis of ‘except ONE account’ (with capital letters) and the final words of the post make clear that the responsibility lies with a particular account. 

‘As a result of this, a reasonable reader would conclude that there were reasonable grounds to suspect that the Claimant had leaked the information herself, but the finger is pointed firmly at the account, not the Claimant herself.’

But Mr Tomlinson hit back, describing Coleen’s claim that she was pointing the finger at either Rebekah or whoever was involved with her Instagram account as ‘nonsense.’

He told the court: ‘The idea that it’s common knowledge that a celebrity account is operated by other people is simply not true.

Wrapping up warmly: The Dancing On Ice contestant wrapped up warmly in a black padded jacket as she sheltered from the rain 

‘Mrs Rooney is not complaining about the account but about a disloyal individual. A reasonable reader would think that she has revealed the culprit. And that person is Rebekah Vardy.’

Earlier in today’s hearing, Mr Tomlinson said Coleen’s posts were an ‘untrue and unjustified defamatory attack’ which was ‘published and republished to millions of people’

He said her accusation ‘leaves the reasonable reader in no doubt that the defendant is accusing the claimant of consistently and repeatedly betraying her trust over several years.’

He added: ‘In fact, she did nothing wrong. Whatever leaks there were did not come from her.’

Mr Tomlinson went through the lines of Coleen’s post, arguing how it would have been perceived.

Ongoing war: It’s more than a year since Coleen accused her nemesis’ Instagram account of leaking stories about her in a post, something she denies (pictured together in 2017)

He said: ‘This post was published and reshared to millions of people and gained wide public currency.’

Quoting from her post where she said she ‘now knows for certain’ who was leaking stories, Mr Tomlinson said the post leaves no doubt for the reasonable reader.

‘That is not the language of suspicion, that is the language of finding out the truth,’ he said.

Mr Tomlinson said while Coleen began with a suspicion, the post ended with a clear accusation after outlining her ‘detective process’.

He continued: ‘That is the process that has been characterised in the press as ‘Wagatha Christie’.

Home: Amid her ongoing WAG war with Coleen, Rebekah has been busy rehearsing for Dancing On Ice this January 

‘She is describing her detective process, it’s part of her process to find the true villain of the piece.’

Prior to today’s hearing, MailOnline revealed Rooney is confident of winning the case but regrets that it has got ‘this far’.

Contrary to widespread speculation, neither Rebekah or Coleen or their famous footballer husbands are in court today. 

It is believed Rebekah that she will deny being ‘The Secret Wag,’ the Sun newspaper’s source of stories about Coleen and other footballers’ partners. 

A spokesman for Coleen told MailOnline: ‘Coleen’s defence is already filed and in the public domain. It sets out the facts of her case and will be the same, whatever is decided today.

‘Given those facts, Coleen remains entirely confident in her position as she has been throughout.

‘It is still a matter of regret to her that the matter has been allowed by the other party to get this far.’

In a sensational 55-page defence document, Coleen has set out in granular detail why she thought Rebekah was behind the anonymous ‘Secret Wag’ column.

She described Rebekah as having an ‘established history and habitual practice of providing private information to journalists’.

A source said: ‘Becky is set to swear publicly and on oath to the High Court that she was not the so-called Secret Wag for the newspaper.’

The Secret Wag issue is seen as central by lawyers on both sides in establishing whether Rebecca did leak stories from Coleen’s private social media accounts to The Sun, which she has consistently denied.

The ‘Wagatha Christie’ saga began a year ago when Coleen tweeted that she had secretly planted three fake stories on Instagram in the months before, but said she blocked all her followers except Rebekah from seeing them.

After stories appeared which contained references to the faked posts, Coleen famously declared the results of her investigation, announcing: ‘It’s . . . Rebekah Vardy’s account.’

The mother-of-four, who shares Kai, 10, Klay, seven, Kit, four, and Cass, two, with Derby County footballer Wayne, also 34, is determined to fight off the libel case.

But for her part, Rebekah is seeking substantial damages and says she has suffered ‘severe and extreme hostility and abuse’ in the fallout after the claims were published on Instagram.

She is expected to make a bombshell courtroom denial of Coleen’s claims that she was ‘The Secret Wag’.

A source said yesterday: ‘Becky is set to swear publicly and on oath to the High Court that she was not the so-called Secret Wag for the newspaper.’ 

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Age: 42 

Profession: Musician and radio host 

Myleene says: ‘My girls have always wanted me to do this but I’ve always been too scared someone will skate over my fingers!’ 


Age: 52

Profession: Actor and singer, best know for playing Scott Robinson in Neighbours 

Jason says: ‘To be able to learn a skill and spend some time focused is quite exciting, and I’m looking forward to seeing you guys.’



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Profession: Actress best known for her role as Kate Connor in Coronation Street

Faye says: ‘I’m so excited! The producers get to know you and this is the first time I think people are just going to see me, not being a character… Just being me – Faye!’


Age: 53

Profession: Former sprint and hurdling athlete, who has since carved out a career as a TV personality

Colin says: ‘You go out there, you enjoy yourself and you learn a new skill and to hone the skill of skating will just be a huge, huge plus. I’m looking forward to it.’


Age: 38

Profession: TV personality

Rebekah says: ‘I’m really looking forward to getting my teeth into that. I’m going to give my 100% effort for it all.’


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Rufus says: ‘I’m doing it for the money. I don’t know if you’ve heard but about six months ago this global pandemic hit and made just about everything I’ve ever done to earn a pound note disappear!’  



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Profession: Performer and presenter, best known for The Big Breakfast  

Denise says: ‘I’m really excited. Finally, I get to tell people. I’ve kept this a secret from most of my friends and family. Betsy [her daughter] doesn’t even know….’



Age:  27

Profession: Singer and radio presenter, best known for his daily Breakfast Show on Capital Radio

Sonny says: ‘I don’t want to fall over, not in front of the nation. I don’t want to be a meme the next day!’ 



Age: 18

Profession: Actor best known for his role as Jacob Gallagher in Emmerdale 

Joe-Warren says: ‘I’m super excited. I’m glad I have the time off Emmerdale to really focus on training…’ 


Age: 54

Profession: Former Olympic skier, who is also a TV presenter, adventurer and journalist

Graham says: ‘Ice doesn’t scare me, it’s the dancing… [My experience was confined to] ‘dancing on tables, wearing ski boots in après ski. It’s not graceful and elegant!’


Age: 30

Profession: Rapper

Lady says: ‘I’m petrified, (but) I’ve always wanted to ice skate so what’s better than doing it in front of millions of people.’

 Billie Faiers

Age: 30 

Profession: Television personality 

Billie says: ‘I am soooo excited to announce that I will be taking part. I still can’t believe I am actually doing it!!’ 


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