Reese Witherspoon's Mom Drooling Over "Hot" Charlie Hunnam Is a MOOD

Listen, I don’t know Reese Witherspoon’s mom personally, but I’m confident we’d be best friends. In a “Meet My Mom” video by Hello Sunshine, Reese interviews her mother, Betty, and asks questions about memories, movies, and Hollywood crushes. Because Betty knows what’s up, she tells her daughter that she recently watched King Arthur. “I like the lead man in King Arthur,” she says, wearing a giddy smirk familiar and relatable as hell to anyone who’s ever watched Sons of Anarchy. She may or may not call him Charlie “Hoo-nam,” but who can blame the sweet woman for getting a little flustered while talking about him? “I like Charlie,” she says, and when Reese asks her why (knowing EXACTLY why), Betty drops the only explanation we need: “He’s hot.”

She’s not wrong, friends, so let’s all just enjoy some hot pictures of Charlie Hunnam in King Arthur, shall we? Fine, fine, here are more sexy photos for good measure. Happy Mother’s Day, Betty!

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